Women Supporting Women

“Admire others beauty, without questioning your own.”

Let’s have a moment of real talk. Us women, although a group that’s courageously powerful, can also be a group that’s really hard on ourselves. We judge everything. We judge ourself, we judge how things are done and we judge others. It can come so naturally for us too. It’s hard not to play the comparison game in today’s social media world. At our fingertips we see what other people have going on in their life. It’s easy access to seeing others around you in regards to what they’re doing and how they’re thriving. This can at times, depending on what you’re going through, very difficult. We’re here to say it shouldn’t be and we hope to change that mindset!

In order for us to support other women we have to first be at peace within ourselves. Peace doesn’t have to equal complacency either. You can be happy with who you are and still want to crush some goals. We have found the best way to be at peace within ourselves is by practicing gratitude. The more we focus on the good in our life, the more good that continues to happen.  We’re firm believers in writing things down the ol’ fashion way, with a pen and paper. If you’re struggling with where you are at in life take time to focus on gratitude. Secondly, we all need goals.  If you don’t have any, set some! We all have unfinished business, dreams, and hopes within us.  Figure out what that is for you and find a way to make progress towards those in your life!

the-body-book-cameron-diaz the-body-book-cameron-diaz

When we’re happy with ourselves, we don’t have to play the comparison game. Everyone is different. Every woman goes through stages of growth at different times. This doesn’t mean one person is better than the other, or one area of growth is stronger than the last. It just means we’re different and we have to celebrate that. The biggest reason we’re where we are today with The Resource Girls is because someone believed in us enough to keep following along. We didn’t start our blog with picture perfect details, and amazing posts. We started it with a passion and a fire within us that grew into what it is today. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, no one is perfect, and everyone is on their own journey. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to the next girl, you’ll never grow and become the beautiful soul you were meant to be.

We’re always preaching you have to follow the right people on social media in an effort to encourage our minds and spread positivity into your day. If we look at other women through the lens of gratitude rather than the lens of comparison, in regards to social media and who we’re following, it becomes an attitude game changer.

In an effort to break down negative self talk and change this mindset of comparison into one of embracing yourself and loving others in the process we started the BE YOU Campaign. We truly believe that each woman has a purpose in life and you have to take time to build into your heart and soul in order to reach that. If you’re reading this today wondering how you can be more of your one true beautiful self in an effort to shine brightly towards others, then check out our campaign and sign up!

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Cat and Lauren are two best friends who started The Resource Girls to encourage and empower women to be themselves! We’re two girls who survived our twenties as strong, successful, independent women in this crazy world. We blog about fashion, fitness, finance, food and friendship but most of all loving ourselves and embracing who we are. Connect with Cat and Lauren at www.theresourcegirls.com, Twitter, Instagram.

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