Spice Up Your Workout with 5 New Moves

It’s been a long winter, right? Luckily, the first signs of spring have begun to shine through and the nice weather will be right around the corner. That means it’s time to not only clean up your home or routines, but shake up your workout. The Resource Girls are here to do just that!

spice up workout

It’s no secret we are creatures of habit. If you’ve ever logged your food or money you’ve probably seen that more than likely you eat a lot of the same things and shop at the same places. The same is true with exercise. Chances are good you go to the gym and use the same machines, you have your favorite treadmill, and always use the same locker. Well today we’re encouraging you to live a little and change it up. There’s truly nothing new under the sun but we’ve discovered some new moves that have us pretty excited.


Curtsy Lunges with Bicep Curls

Curtsies are killer. They work inner and outer thighs and your booty. The key to these is making sure your hips are square and your knee is not going over your toes when you lunge. Simply cross one leg over the other in front of you and squat, as pictured. When you are down in your squat arms curl up for your bicep curl, when you stand up arms go down.


Beach Ball Chest Flies

One of my favorite comments on a Jillian Michael’s video was when she was yelling at everyone telling them to skip push-up bras and do push-ups for a natural lift. She cracks me up and I kind of laughed but it always stuck with me. Women tend to shy away from chest exercises because they think it will make them look manly when in all reality we need to be doing them!

For this move simply stand tall, chest lifted and hold arms in front of you in a circle like you are hugging a beach ball. Open arms straight out into a fly but keep the rounded motion then back to hugging the ball. When doing the opening and closing motion make sure arms are straight out in front of you. Keep arms at chest level, not higher or lower. If you can’t keep your arms straight out in front of you grab lighter weights.


Plie Squats with Weighted Oblique Crunch

These are amazing for working multiple muscle groups at the same time which increases calorie burn. These also get into that stubborn muffin top area.

Start in a plie squat so legs open and toes pointed outward. Keep a weight in one hand and then other arm can be rested behind opposite ear or on opposite hip. The arm with the weight should be placed behind your leg, not in front. Oblique crunch toward the weighted side while remaining in a static squat position. For an added burn stay on your tiptoes.


Hopscotch Squats

Hopscotch reminds of us summer and simpler days so we trick ourselves into a little fun with this exercise. Start in a standard squat position, squat down and then when you pop up you kick yourself in the butt with one leg, back down to a squat and pop up on the opposite leg. Repeat! For beginners just pop up staying on one foot, you can take the actual jump out of it.

Weight Roll-Up Crunches

These are killer! If you can’t do them with a weight they are awesome to do with a towel. Just holding something forces you to get the range of motion you need for a great burn.

the-body-book-cameron-diaz the-body-book-cameron-diaz

Start in an upright seated position, while keeping head and chest lifted crunch leg into chest while extending arms and weight out. Extend your leg over your hands and weight while elongating that same leg. Crunch leg back into your chest and bring the weight back up around your foot to the top. Repeat on the opposite leg. If you’re using a towel do the same thing, lifting weight over and under. If your back starts to round and you can’t keep your chest lifted use a lighter weight.

We hope even if you don’t do any of these moves we’ve encouraged you to try something new! Life is too short to keep the same old boring routine. Drive a new route to work, stop at a new coffee place and dare we say opt for a change in your workout regimen with some new moves or even a new class!

Do you have questions about a workout? Need more ideas? Tell us in the comments below and we may answer it in a future post.

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