Roasted Pomegranate, Pesto, and Butternut Squash Noodle

Eating seasonally is just about the most comforting way to nourish ourselves naturally. Warming dishes with squash varieties as their foundation are at the heart of health during the winter months. I enjoy using zucchini, squash, and sweet potato as noodles as much as I love the starch based pastas. In my opinion a quality oil/oil based sauce, seasoning, and a juicy little gem such as pomegranate seeds is all we need for a seasonal delight.


To easily make this colorful recipe a vegetarian one, replace the bacon with a beautiful roasted nut of your choice. I would personally choose roasted almonds, pecans, or pine nuts. Opt for choosing a vegan-friendly pesto sauce and feta cheese and you will have a perfect plant-based crowd pleaser.

Whatever you do, do not sacrifice the pomegranates as they are the star of the plate, both visually and texturally.

Roasted Pomegranate, Pesto, and Butternut Squash Noodles


• 3 cups spiralized butternut squash
• 2-3 Tbsp. pesto
• 3 Tbsp. fresh sage, finely chopped
• Generous pinch of sea salt and black pepper
• ½ cup pomegranate seeds
• 1 small white onion, sliced
• 6 strips of bacon
• ¼ cup feta cheese


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Place the squash, pesto, sage, salt, pepper, pomegranate, and onion in a large bowl and toss to coat.

3. Spread the ingredients on a large baking sheet covered in parchment paper.

4. Lay the bacon strips down on a separate sheet.

5. Place both baking sheets in the oven and cook for 12 minutes or until the bacon is perfectly done and the squash is equally soft yet tender.

6. Place the squash mixture on a large plate, crumble the bacon on top and sprinkle on the feta cheese as a last finishing touch.



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CHANTAL URBINA is a registered Massage Therapist and Culinary Nutrition Expert. She is passionate about living a life full of health, love, and happiness and that all three start with our diet. “Nature’s healing properties will never cease to amaze me and it inspires me day after day to create and share recipes made with only real whole foods.” Connect with Chantal:, Instagram, and Facebook.