Protein Power Broccoli, Chickpea, and Quinoa Salad


As a vegetarian I am always looking for extra ways to sneak in some extra protein. Add in a dash of my garlic obsession and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

I created this recipe out of a necessity to have something that tasted good, was super healthy, and provided me with a substantial serving of protein. Chickpeas, which have 12-14 grams of protein in one cup, are an ingredient I try to incorporate into my meals whenever I can. As I mentioned, I love this Garlic Expressions dressing, but any kind of vinaigrette would work.

I eat this salad by itself, throw it on a bed of lettuce, or you could serve it as a side dish too. I kept it basic here, but get creative and throw in any additional veggies for added flavor. Enjoy!




1 15oz can of organic chickpeas
4 cups of broccoli

½ cup uncooked quinoa
1 cup frozen green peas

¼ cup Garlic Expressions dressing or any other dressing of choice



    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and roast broccoli until it’s soft. This is optional but I like the taste of the broccoli and texture a lot better soft. Grease the baking sheet with coconut oil and salt & pepper to taste.

Cook quinoa according to package instructions while broccoli is in oven. Typical rule of thumb for quinoa is 1:2 ratio so ½ cup of quinoa to 1 cup of water, bring to a boil and then let simmer until water is absorbed.

Rinse the frozen peas under cold water until thawed, rinse chickpeas as well.

Combine all the ingredients and add dressing. Keep in fridge. Enjoy!

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