Cook. Nourish. Glow with Amelia Freer: Super Green Soup with Cashew Cream

Last month we introduced you to Amelia Freer, author of the #1 international bestseller Eat. Nourish. Glow. (Read our interview here.) Amelia has just released the eagerly awaited companion book with 120 recipes, Cook. Nourish. Glow., and we’re sharing one of her most popular recipes below. 

This? simple? soup? really? is? a? celebration? of? all? things? green.?? Zucchini?? kale? and? leeks? also? work? well?? along? with? any? other? greens? from? the? fridge? that? need? using? up.?? The? cashew? cream? plays ?a ?lovely? trick ?on ?your ?taste ?buds.?

Super Green Soup with Cashew Cream



olive ?oil
??1 onion??, chopped ??
1 head? of ?broccoli?, ?cut ?into ?florets
??3 handfuls ?of ?fresh? or ?frozen ?peas
?3 1⁄2 ?cups? vegetable ?or? chicken? stock
??1×12???-ounce?small? bag? of? baby? spinach
optional?? a ?small ?handful? of ?fresh? parsley, chopped?
optional ????green ?chili?? chopped

For ?the ?cashew ?cream //?

5 ??ounces ?raw? cashews
?1 1⁄4 ?cups ?hot ?water
1 ??clove ?of ?garlic
zest ?of ???lemon


A? few? hours? before? making? this? soup?? prepare ?the ?cashew? cream?. ?Put? the? cashews? into? a? bowl?? pour? the? hot? water? over? and? leave? to? soak? for? at? least? ??2 hours.?? Once? the? cashews? are? tender?? drain? and? put? into ?a ?food ?processor ??along ?with 1 ??1⁄4 ?cups? fresh ?water, ??the ?garlic ?and? lemon ?zest??, and? mix? until? completely? smooth? and? creamy?.? Set ?aside.?

Heat? ??1 tablespoon? olive? oil? in? a? large? saucepan?? and? sweat? the? onion? until? translucent??. Add? the? broccoli? and? peas? to? the? pan?? cook? for? ?? minutes?? then? add? the? stock—the? vegetables? should? be? just? covered?? you? may ?need? to ?add ?a ?little ?extra? water.??? Bring? to? a? boil?? then? simmer? until? the? broccoli? is? tender?? roughly? ??4 minutes.?? Don’t? overcook? the? vegetables? or? they? will? turn? a ?dull ?green.?

Using? an ?immersion ?blender, ??start ?blending? the? soup?? adding? a? handful? of? spinach? at? a? time—the? spinach? will? cook? as? it’s? mixed? into? the? soup??. Blend? until? the? soup? is ?smooth ?and ?thick ??then ?stir ?through? half? the ?cashew ?cream.?

Serve? in? bowls? with? a? swirl? of? cashew? cream? on? top ?and? fresh ?parsley ?and? chili??, if? using ??sprinkled? over?.

Super Green Soup with Cashew Cream

Head over HERE for more information about Cook. Nourish. Glow and to order your copy. Connect with Amelia on her website.


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