Meet Dr. Diana Chavkin

Hi! I’m Dr. Diana Chavkin, an ob-gyn and fertility specialist who works in Brooklyn, NY. When I’m not with patients or doing research, I’m usually in the park running, or at an aerial silks class, learning how to really maximize my upper body strength, or taking a yoga class… When I travel, for conferences or for vacation, I make it a point to map the closest park and pack my sneakers, or find the nearest dirt road and take the scenic route, on foot.

The harder I work, the harder I need to play, because taking care of myself is a huge priority. And that means paying attention to my whole body, including my reproductive body.

Dr. Chavkin

I’m excited to be a part of the Body Book community. If you’ve read The Body Book, you already met me in the Lady Parts chapter, where you saw some of my advice on healthy boobs and a healthy vagina. Now, on, I’m going to be sharing some more info, and answering your questions… so keep reading! And reach out via the site, twitter or facebook if you have any burning questions you need answered (or questions about burning, which could indicate a UTI).