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We love a good DIY! Especially one that repurposes something we no longer use. The Resource Girls are doing just that with this sweatshirt – something we all have taking up space in our wardrobe. Instead of throwing it into the landfill, they’re reinventing it into this chic lace up shirt. Read on for the DIY. 

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We’ve been obsessed with this lace up trend we’re seeing in just about any store we walk into. Whether it’s on the side, or front of the shirt, we’ve seen it everywhere. We love how it adds a little bit of flavor and personality to an outfit. We love a good do-it-yourself project and are always challenging ourselves, as Resource Girls, to find a way to recreate a fashionable piece for half the cost. Well, we couldn’t get this trend out of our head, so we found a way to add it into our closet, for next to nothing! All you need is sweatshirt or a sweater you’ve had laying around that could use some love and the below materials.

If you can use a hammer, you can accomplish this look! Promise!

Materials ||

• 10-20 Grommets (size of your choosing) to include grommet tools (some boxes have the tools, some do not)
• Hammer
• String or leather
• Scissors
• Washable sewing marker or chalk

Tutorial ||

Using your scissors, cut up your shirt on both sides in the middle. Stopping however far up you’d like to go.

the body book - diy - sweatshirt - cameron diaz

Read the back of the grommet box for instructions. They are incredibly easy to follow! Short end of it, is each grommet has two pieces that attach together using the two tools provided and your own personal hammer. You simply use two separate grommet pieces and hammer them together. The tools that are included help the grommets link and connect with the hammer.

the body book - cameron diaz- sweatshirt diy

Align your grommets down both the front and back sides of your shirt that you just cut. You’ll do this on both the right and left sides of the shirt, but for now stick to one side.

Using your washable sewing or chalk marker, mark on the shirt where each grommet is placed.

Taking your scissors snip a tiny hole right at the dot you created for where your grommet will go.

the body book diy sweatshirt - cameron diaz

Continue placing your grommets up the side of your shirt both on the front and back piece.  Now, do this on the opposite side of your shirt both on the front and back piece.

diy - the body book- cameron diaz- lace up sweatshirt

Take your string and starting at the top two grommets, begin lacing it downward. Leave hanging or tie in a bow!

the body book - cameron diaz- lace up sweatshirt diy

You could definitely use this tutorial and do it for the front, top hem of a shirt. I would simply cut a line down the middle starting at the neck and go down as far as you want. We love the ease and comfort of this sweatshirt and that it can be worn to yoga, or for a night out.

The sky is the limit when it comes to grommets and how you can use them!

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Lace up sweatshirt DIY - the body book - cameron diaz