Sara helps people realize it's not too late to figure out something they want and be able to do something about it. Whether it's finding a new job, starting a business, or figuring out what's right for them, Sara works with people who know something is missing but aren't sure where or how to start. She loves helping people understand (but, like, really understand) that this doesn’t have to be life. You can climb out of every hole. It might be awkward and uncomfortable at times (in fact, you can probably guarantee it will be), but there’s always a solution. (Even for you.) She is also the author of the international best-selling book Just Tell Me What I Want. A self-help book for people who are skeptical of self-help books, Just Tell Me What I Want is for anyone who has ever been told to "follow their bliss" and then immediately wanted to punch that person in the face. After 10 years building brands, writing web content, and devising online communication strategies, Sara realized the most fun part of her job was talking to her clients about who they wanted to be, who they wanted to serve, and how they were going to bring their work into the world. Her direct, compassionate, humor-filled approach is great for those who want to figure out what they want and then take actionable steps to towards their goals. Sara loves pizza, Tina, Mindy, and the Amys, and The Artist’s Way. She’s also a huge fan of yoga, FridayNight Lights, and (vast quantities of) coffee.