Accepting Your One True Self to Help You Crush Your 2017 Goal


Who are you? No, not what do you look like, or what you do for work. Who are you deep down? What qualities do you possess that make you, YOU?  As we look towards the new year and the clean slate that comes along every January, we can’t help but think this is a good question to ask ourselves.

Recognizing and accepting ourselves for all that we possess is a powerful tool. So many times people can easily admit their faults much quicker than they care to vocalize their strengths. We’d love to change that in 2017. We know with this new year, a lot of change and goal setting is going on. We believe the first step to really making any of these changes possible, no matter what your goal is, is by recognizing what you already possess within you. These qualities are the tools you’ll use to help get you to whatever change or new thing you want to accomplish.


We don’t believe in just knowing them though, we believe in writing them down each and every day in a personal mantra statement.  I AM __________!  A mantra is a powerful, personal statement that should be spoken in your head, out loud, and written for you to see on the daily. Whether you know your strengths and just need a good reminder, or you’re trying to become more of something, write those words down. A personal mantra can be super helpful when we fall into negative self talk, question ourselves, or simply need some motivation to press on. This is all about speaking positive words into your mind and heart. The more we speak affirming words of who we are the easier it becomes to get to a place of full, whole hearted, self acceptance which in turns help evoke change.

No one is perfect, nor do we believe you ever truly arrive, however, self acceptance and positive affirmations will always take us one step closer to our goal. We would challenge you this year to notice the difference in the days you repeat your mantra and focus on loving you versus the days you get busy and forget. The positive energy these small changes make will spur you to keep the positivity going. May this year be your best yet!

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Photo Credit: Daniel Hayward