5 Ways to Create a Grateful Mindset During the Holidays


The holidays are in full swing and although for many of us it’s a time of celebration, family and fun, this time of year can be pretty difficult for some. Holidays can sometimes dredge up bad memories and be a difficult time of year for many. Whether you’re spending the holidays alone this year, your family stresses you out, or you downright aren’t sure how you’ll afford all those gifts you need to buy, we’re here to say we’ve been there and can totally relate to your stress.  As much as we love the hustle and bustle of it all, that too can cause stress and be overwhelming. Whatever your situation this season we have some tips to help you manage those feelings of chaos and stress, so you can walk right through them and find yourself waking up on January 2nd feeling accomplished and stress free.

This Too Shall Pass

It may be simple and overused, but this statement is so true and one we cling to in times of stress. Can you think back to a time when you felt stressed? Now, focus on the moments after this stress passed. How did you feel? Did you come through the stress? Stress can come and go depending on our circumstances, but if you’ve ever come out on the other side then you know those feelings of relief, self accomplishment and hope. This holiday season, focus on those feelings. We maybe can’t change the stress, but we can change our focus. Tell yourself this too shall pass and sooner or later it will! Promise!

Holiday Stress Management
Enjoy Time In Nature

It’s amazing what fresh air can do you for your soul. We love the smells that come from a Christmas tree farm or breathing in the brisk air on a morning trail walk. Being outside can help give you a new perspective and clear your head. Wherever you live, find a way to get outside. While spending time outside, focus on a few things you can be thankful for. Having gratitude is a great way to lift your spirit. Even if it’s as simple as thanking the air and day for allowing you to enjoy it, it’s sending positive energy into your soul and can do quite a bit to help calm anxiety and stress.

Find a Reason

Sometimes we just need to find a reason we’re doing something in order to be able to motivate ourselves to keep going and make us feel a little bit better. The holidays can be stressful for so many reasons, but I’m confident you can find one good reason for what this time of year means to you. Maybe it’s seeing someone you love that you only see around this time of year, or your love for decorating and putting up a tree makes you feel happy. It could even be a deeper, more spiritual meaning on why you celebrate this time of year, whatever it is, finding just one reason can help you look forward to this time of year as you battle through the stress.  

Holiday Stress Management
Just Say No

We can definitely relate to the overwhelming feelings of having to do it all, especially this time of year being in a million places and doing a million things at once can pile more and more stress onto your load. It can be difficult with all the family gatherings, parties, and hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year.  Just say no! We recognize we can’t say no to it all, but find one thing and give yourself the permission to say no. It could be little or big, it doesn’t matter as long as you say no and find space in your calendar to breathe!

Holiday Stress Management
Plan Some Fun

Fun can come in many different forms. Whether it’s adding a little extra self care into your schedule, like shopping for a new Christmas dress or getting a pedicure, or enjoying time with friends over a fancy bottle of wine. Having fun can get your mind off the pressure of the holidays. Maybe you can’t afford anything extra, don’t stress!! We love curling up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and putting in our favorite Christmas movie for a little relaxation and enjoyment that’s free. You could also try a new holiday recipe at home and indulge a little!  Whatever your idea of fun is, make some time for a little bit extra this season!

If you haven’t noticed, most of our tips are all about mindset. We’re of the belief that the more you change your mind, the easier it is to face hard times. It takes some practice, but stick with it. We hope by putting this all into action you’ll find a way to enjoy this season a little more and stress less!   

How do you deal with stress during the holidays? Share with us in the comments below. Read on for more holiday resources:

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