10-Step Muscle Building Workout

I’m not sure about you, but it seems like I’m always juggling a million different tasks – running my own business, keeping up with the blog, working on our Be You Campaign, trying to date someone, not to mention keep gas in my car and my bills paid on time. I know we are all pulled in a million different directions on the daily! We are women after all, duty calls!


I realized a long time ago the importance of scheduling in time for working out and making it happen. If you don’t schedule it you’ll never find the time. I try to look at my week and find times where I can sweat a little longer at the gym, then other days where I can do something quick at home. This is where this workout comes in. It’s truly amazing how home workouts can make a difference. They help in two ways. One is obviously the benefits from the actual workout. The second is that it trains your brain to make time, that the workout is important and gets you in the habit of consistently scheduling time to sweat!

If you don’t have the seconds app downloaded, then head to your App Store and download it now. It’s a workout game changer. It helps track your time so all you have to worry about is getting that sweat on! Do each exercise listed below for one minute each. Dumbbells are great if you have them, however, you can do this workout without them too. You will also need a chair, any kind will work.

10-Step Home Workout

1 // Warm-up

One minute of jumping jacks.

2 // Chair Lunges 

Lift your left leg onto the chair and hop so your right leg is forward with knee bent at a ninety degree angle, as pictured. You don’t want your knee over your ankle. While keeping your torso straight and tall dip down. I like to hold weights to make it a little more challenging but you can still feel the burn without weights, just put hands on hips.

3 // Chair Lunges (Opposite Leg)

Same as number two, just switch legs so your right leg is on the chair.

4 // Tricep Dips 

Using that same chair, face away from the chair with palms gripping the edge of the seat. Feet can be flat on the floor or on your heels but either way make sure weight is in your heels. While keeping elbows in towards your side, extend arms up and down, bending at the elbow. Keep your body close to the chair to make it easier and move body further away to make it harder.

the-body-book-cameron-diaz the-body-book-cameron-diaz
5 // Squat with Press 

Start with feet shoulder width apart and arms at ninety degree angles with weights, as pictured. If you don’t have weights, no problem, just do a bodyweight squat. Keep weight back in heels and knees in line with ankles. Squat down and then as you rise up from squat lift arms straight overhead and press weights to ceiling. As you come back down to squat bring arms back to ninety degree angle.

6 // Plank Dips 

Start in a forearm plank. Keep shoulders over wrist and core tight. Rotate hips as pictured from side to side. Try to get hip to the ground. If you have to take a break, go to your knees for five seconds then right back up!

the-body-book-cameron-diaz the-body-book-cameron-diaz
7 // Wide Arm Push-Ups

This is a hard one because you’ve just done plank dips, but that’s the point. We’re sneaking in an ab workout too! I like to do my wide arm push-ups on my weights but you can do them with palms flat as well. If you feel your back dipping or any discomfort go to your knees. Keep eyes to the ground so you don’t strain your neck.

the-body-book-cameron-diaz the-body-book-cameron-diaz
8 // Bridge Lifts 

Use your chair again, or the couch, and with back flat on the ground place your right leg on the couch and left leg to the sky. Now lift your hips up and squeeze your glutes tight. I like to use weights and do chest flies, as pictured, while I’m lifting my hips.

9 // Bridge Lifts (opposite leg)

Repeat the bridge lift on the opposite site, so this time your left leg will be on the couch.

10 // Tricep Push-Ups

These are very similar to a regular push-up, however, but just changing our arm placement a little bit you can work your triceps. Again, I like to use weights for a little extra challenge but can do these with palms on the ground. Make sure arms are shoulder width apart and keep elbows locked into your sides, as pictured.


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