Yoga for the Holidays: No Equipment Necessary!

“Setting yourself up for success keeps you conscious of the choices in the moment, so that you can be ready for those inevitable moments when all of your willpower must be summoned to keep you moving forwards to your goal.” Cameron Diaz, The Body Book


Yin And Yang

The holidays are a notoriously tough time for your body.

It’s wonderful to have a few days away from work but this is not a time of year well-known for its focus on health. And that is totally fine. The Christmas holidays are nourishing in other ways. You get to spend time with friends and family, take a break from your daily routine and escape the stresses of work.

The key to thriving and living a healthy, happy life, is to strike a balance between yin and yang – the wild and the calm, the indulgent and the disciplined, the naughty and the nice!

Setting Yourself Up For Success

In The Body Book, Cameron writes that the way to set yourself up for success, when it comes to your health, is with forethought, planning and preparation. And right now is one of those times when this advice is invaluable.

During the holidays, especially if you’re travelling, you may not have access to your gym or yoga studio, and maybe you just don’t want to spend time exercising when you could be having fun and being present with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, you also know that if you don’t move your body, pretty quick you’re going to start feeling lethargic, low in energy and reluctant to put down that glass of eggnog and get up off the sofa!

Make It So Easy You Can’t Say No

This is a trick I learnt from Leo Babuta, author of Zen Habits.

At this time of year, willpower is at an all-time low. You’re exhausted. Your tanks are depleted. You’re virtually running on empty. It’s likely that there’s more alcohol and sugar circulating through your bloodstream than kale and quinoa and your spirits are at an all time high. This is the time to make things as easy as possible for yourself.

Here is a 15-minute yoga routine that you can do anywhere, without any equipment. It’s easy enough that you don’t need to be on tip-top form to practice it, but sufficiently challenging to get the juices circulating to all parts of your body and brain and keep your energy levels up.

Start Your Day Off Right

Cameron asks you to “please consider starting your day with movement. Just fifteen minutes, if that’s all you’ve got. Use your discipline to give yourself those moments to start the day off right.”

So bust it out first thing, redress the discipline-indulgence balance, and then get on with the celebrations!

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What habits do you practice to start your day off right? Do you exercise while traveling? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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