Yoga for Beginners: How to Modify a Basic Vinyasa

As a beginner to yoga, you’ll learn how to do a vinyasa during your first class. The vinyasa is basically a movement between poses. A vinyasa can be modified if you are just starting out, experiencing an injury, or even if you’re an experienced yogi. Coreen, in her second trimester of pregnancy, shows you how to modify the vinyasa below. 


Our bodies are different every time we walk onto our mats. Perhaps yesterday you slept less, stressed more, or confronted a difficult situation. These situations may change your energy levels, ability to relax and ability to open up. Regardless of where you are at today, the point of yoga is to listen . . . Listen to where you’re at, what feels good and what feels painful. The physiology of the mind is deeply connected to the body, so the more you listen to your body, the more you get to know yourself and increase awareness. In yoga, we learn to show up, put our egos aside, and listen and respect what’s going on in the body.

Basic Vinyasa
Yoga for Beginners - How to Modify a Basic Vinyasa
Modified Vinyasa
Yoga for Beginners - How to Modify a Basic Vinyasa

Modifications are helpful for beginners and regular practitioners. Beginners will want to advance a posture with the right alignment versus push into a pose with poor alignment, risking injury or creating bad habits. Regular practitioners may need to modify a pose due to muscle injury, fatigue, stress, etc.

As I navigate through the second trimester of my pregnancy, I realize pregnancy can be a yoga practice within itself. I’m learning to practice some detachment from the way I want to look or any vices I used as a crutch in the past.  With such little control over my body, I’ve learned that all I can be is aware. Aware of this beautiful gift and responsibility I have to a new life.

Yoga for Beginners - How to Modify a Basic VinyasaYoga for Beginners - How to Modify a Basic VinyasaVinyasa Modifications

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