Why Asking For Help is Ok

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

We all have areas of life we’re really great at and then other areas where we may need a little more help. Regardless of whether you’re most confident in your career, health, relationships, finances, etc.I think we can all agree that there is always room for growth.

Take my fitness journey for example, even though I’ve been working out for years, and consider it one of my strengths, I enlisted the help of a trainer this past fall to really take my fitness to the next level. My mind was blown by my results in more ways than one. Not only did I feel stronger, more confident and more comfortable in my own skin but I realized this triggered something else inside of me. I started asking for help in other areas of my life as well. Taking this one small step helped me realize that by putting my pride on the shelf for a couple minutes I could get a lot more done and better myself on all fronts.

Have a hard time asking for help? I definitely don’t claim to have it mastered but here a couple reasons why it’s worth doing.

Getting Uncomfortable = Growth 

When we get outside of our comfort zone, by asking for help or becoming vulnerable it trains our mind that it’s ok to get uncomfortable. Once we do it once it becomes easier to do it again and again. This translates into all areas of life, not just the area we decided to ask for help in. After all this newfound help in my fitness journey it opened my eyes to realize that I needed some help with marketing and design for my business. Asking for this help was just a tad bit easier because I had done it before.

Pattern Interruption

When you ask for help, you can bet a change in your routine, no matter how big or small, will come with it. I like to call this shift a pattern interrupt. This one pattern interrupt brings with it an opportunity for new possibilities, growth, and a chance to create new habits that support the person you’re becoming. Next time you’re hesitant or stuck in your own head about something you will have the muscle memory of the pattern interrupt, which in turn will help you get creative and think outside of the box!

Give Yourself a Chance to Inspire

As we grow, evolve and better ourselves the focus is very inward, however, transitioning to helping others and sharing what you’ve learned will bring you full circle. Ultimate fulfillment comes from looking outside ourselves and giving back. By inspiring others, even if you don’t feel like an expert, you will find the internal motivation to keep going and most likely realize just how far you’ve come. Never underestimate the power of sharing a part of yourself with someone else.

Not sure where to even begin? The first step in asking for help is to find someone you would like to emulate and figure out how they got there. In the world we live in there is no shortage of information! This person could be someone you know personally or someone you admire from afar (via social media, etc.). There is endless opportunity to ask for help and better yourself, it’s just a matter of getting out there and doing it! This is what ultimately led me to get a trainer and completely mix up my fitness routine. One of the women I really look up to when it comes to nutrition and diet was posting about how she got a new trainer. I was completely dumbfounded as to why she needed a new trainer, when she herself is one. I was thankful she was open about her need to grow and share her journey. It inspired me to change things up in my own life and I hope ultimately will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and change up your routine.

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CAT GOLDEN started Nine Lives Health and Wellness to help others feel like the absolute best version of themselves. She has a background in pediatric nursing and now does her wellness business full time. She does this through working with individuals and groups conducting weight loss programs, help with athletic performance, increased energy and mindset training. She has been a fitness enthusiast for the last decade and believes that where focus goes energy flows. Focus on gratitude and moving your body and watch how your life can change!