What’s On Your Podcast Playlist? Here Are Our Current Faves

I love podcasts! I listen to them in traffic, on long walks, and while I clean the house. From talk-show style podcasts that explore fitness, mindfulness and wellness, to humor, true-crime, and news, there is a podcast for everyone. Today is International Podcast Day, so we asked a few of our friends to share what they’re currently listening to…

the body book - cameron diaz - favorite podcasts
Cat Golden – The Body Book contributor; nine lives health 

Earn Your Happy by Lori HarderMy favorite thing about Lori’s podcast is that there are shorter episodes she calls “quickies” because we always have time for inspiration. Numerous times I’ve had revelations sitting in my car listening to one of these short episodes. We all live busy, fast-paced lives so this fits perfectly into anyone’s lifestyle!

amanda goodfried – editor-in-chief, THE BODY BOOK

Pod Save AmericaAfter last year’s election I turned to this podcast, led by 4 former aids to President Obama, to help me understand the outrage I was experiencing. Through their real-world experience and knowledgable guests, they help listeners understand the impact of the political and policy changes happening in our country. See also: Pod Save the World, Pod Save the People.

S-Town: Produced by the team behind Serial (which I highly recommend), S-Town starts out as a true-crime investigation, digging into small-town politics and southern traditions, but eventually lands on one man’s existential crisis with God, gravity, and his dead-end town. Both entertaining and tragic, S-Town is a good deep dive into life’s many mysteries.

That’s So Retrograde: Experts in the local wellness scene of Los Angeles, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are like your best girlfriends dishing (honestly) on what works and what doesn’t. I enjoy listening TSR because it’s light-hearted and funny, while also tackling important topics.

 the body book - cameron diaz
Tricia huffmanYourjoyologist

Free Cookies from Kathryn Budig and Kate Fagan: Both spiritual and real talk. It feels like you are sitting in a room with friends and talking about the good, real dirt of your lives.

The Tim Ferris Show: He has a wide range of guests from people at the top of their game and asks the best questions.  A lot of talk about productivity, what defines their success and their journey.

Amanda Kriebel – The Body Book ContributorAwareness Physical THerapy

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl: As a new mom, wife and yogini, Rachel Brathren offers insight on life and love as she shares from her candid and transparent open heart. Her Friday Podcast line-up of topics include taking the leap for love with her husband @dennisfromsalad, to finding self-love, to learning from pain, to her most recent conversation with @thordiselva, a crusader for women’s rights and survivor of rape. Rachel invokes sharing, connection, kindness and vulnerability through her collection of heart-warming and empowering podcasts, inspirational to the max!


The Rich Roll Podcast: I love that his interviews are long form, perfect listens for long walks. His guests are always very inspiring and he’s a great interviewer, too. His voice is so calming.

Talking With Circles: This podcast from Laura Miller is absolutely amazing. It’s brand new but the way she approaches dark and difficult topics is uplifting, relatable and entertaining.

the body book - cameron diaz - favorite podcast

Launching early 2018, Good People’s host (and long-time Body Book contributor) Ashley Wood celebrates real people not just their social handles. Ashley and her guests go beyond the hashtag with stories about diet and nutrition, motherhood and postpartum life, family planning, entrepreneurship and so much more. With an exciting line up of guests including Laura Miller from Talking in Circles and Raw Vegan Not Gross, Jessica Murnane from One Part Plant and the One Part Podcast, the Body Book’s own Amanda Goodfried, and Lauren Toyota from Hot for Food, Good People celebrates the personal journey—the transformative, the prosaic and everything in between.

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