What You Focus On, You Find

the body book - cameron diaz

What you focus on, you find.

This month I had the privilege of seeing Tony Robbins live. I’ve seen him one other time so I knew I was in for a treat. The hours flew, I soaked in as much as I could and I’m still thinking about all the nuggets I took away. I’m sharing one with you today because who isn’t looking to take more control of their life? I know I am!

Tony argues that when we can take control of the following three questions we can truly take control of our lives. Answer these questions for yourself and see what you think.

What do you focus on?

What we focus on dictates how we feel. What we feel ultimately dictates how we act.

Positive example: I am focused on my health, that I can exercise and move and have strength to complete all the activities to live a fulfilling and abundant life.

A generalization would be to focus on what you have and what you can control. I love yoga and I love taking this hour to myself to practice and get stronger.

Negative example: I am focused on what I don’t like about my body. I want to be skinnier, have less wrinkles, and be more flexible.

A generalization would be to focus on what’s lacking, what you can’t change and what’s going wrong. I will not go to yoga because I’m not flexible enough and hate the way I look in my clothes.

the body book - cameron diaz
What meaning do we give it?

The meaning we give it produces emotion, then that emotion results in action.

Positive example: I am focused on my health and what I CAN do – walk, run, work, go to yoga and complete the tasks I need to. This produces an emotion of gratitude and abundance.  

Negative example: I am focused on what is wrong with my body so this produces feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness and hopelessness.

What am I going to do?

The actions we take are a product of what we’re focusing on and the meaning we give that focus. Again, feelings ultimately result in action.

Positive example: Because I feel gratitude for my body I want to exercise, take care of it, and fuel it with the nutrients it needs.

Negative example: Because I feel inadequate and frustrated I am not motivated to exercise and nourish my body with the right nutrition.

This is just a simple example related to health and yoga, but can truly translate to any area of life – nutrition, relationships, career, to-do lists, school, anything! We all have problems and things we’d rather not deal with. Are you focused on a problem versus a solution?

the body book - cameron diaz

Pay attention this week to what you’re focusing on and how that ultimately affects your emotions and then actions. Don’t judge yourself, just observe. What small change can you make to change your focus?

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