What Are You Willing to Struggle For?

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

Have you ever thought about what truly makes you happy? I’m sure at some point we all have. Pleasure is a funny thing and it turns out we may not all be so different after all. You don’t have to look far to find someone that wants to be skinnier, look younger, have more energy, have an amazing romantic relationship, and a killer career. However, when it comes to pain it’s an entirely different story. Are you willing to wake up at 5am to workout before work? Or put in extra hours at the office to get that promotion?

“What’s more interesting to me is ‘What pain do you want?’ What are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives end up.”

Thinking about the pain you’re willing to suffer through versus the pleasure you want to attain puts things in perspective and quick! We all must choose our pain. Sound kind of depressing? It’s actually liberating because you have the power! The ball is in your court.

A basic example is how I initially got into yoga. I needed an outlet physically and mentally while trying to heal and recover from my divorce. I had a friend that was a yoga instructor and was always encouraging me to try it. To her dismay I never would. I was afraid of looking stupid, not having the right outfit, not knowing the names of any of the poses and honestly just falling flat on my face. My pain got so great that one day I decided that going to yoga and acting a fool was worth the risk because my heart break was too much to bear. I chose my pain. There’s not a day I practice that I am not truly grateful my friend always encouraged me. Yoga has been one of the greatest outlets, stress relievers and healing times for my body and mind.

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz THe Body Book - Cameron Diaz

Have a hard time embracing pain? Here are three ways that will help you know if the pain is worth the reward.

Know your why

When you know what you’re working towards you can push through any pain. It’s inevitable, obstacles are going to come. The stronger your why the higher you’ll fly. Visualize, see it, taste it, feel it, become it. The pain will fade as you hold that image close.

Take a chance

Sometimes when I think about putting myself out there via social media, my business, or even in a relationship it’s terrifying. However, I usually ask myself what’s the worst thing that could happen. The pain of not trying always outweighs the fear or rejection. Think about what pain offers a greater reward and that may be able to help you decide as well.

Open Your Heart to Shine Bright

When we are willing to risk failure and the pain of humiliation by being vulnerable we empower others to do the same. Look at your struggle or pain as inspiration for someone that may be going through a similar situation. Never think that you’re not in a place to inspire. Even if you’re not where you want to be you can always be an inspiration.

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

No matter what your views are on pain or going through hard times it’s important to remember that we’re all on our own journey. No one can determine your path or what pain is worth the risk but you. Always remember you have everything inside of you to conquer whatever you set your mind to. Take a chance on yourself. I’m confident you’ll come out on top.

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