Welcome to The Body Book website. I am SO happy that you are here! You may have already read the book, or you may be a first timer. Either way, welcome! This site was launched with the same intentions that drove me to write The Body Book: to merge information with action, so that we will all know how to take care of this machine that we call our bodies, from eating to moving to getting enough sleep to everything else that impacts our health and happiness.

As you click through, you’ll hear from me and from the experts who have inspired me and helped to inform this book. You’ll learn about nutrition and fitness and science and beauty, because taking care of our insides and taking care of our brains and taking care of our outsides is all a part of loving ourselves as we should.

And that’s what it’s all about, right? Loving and living and laughing… with lots of breakfasts and lunches and think-fests and sweat-fests and stretch-fests in between.

We’ll have fresh posts full of wisdom, advice, and points of view. We’ll talk about the how’s and why’s and what’s of health, about breaking out of old patterns and welcoming in the habits that make us feel AMAZING. About taking care of yourself starting at any age so you can live the rest of your life gracefully, beautifully, healthfully.

We’ll cover eating and moving and thinking and trying and succeeding and failing and trying again. Makeup tips, cooking tips, how you get yourself out of bed in the morning—it’s all in there. There’s also a page that’s just for you, so you can speak up, reach out, and share and express your feelings about being a woman: the challenges as well as the gloriousness that comes with being part of the most powerful force on earth.

We all have so much collective curiosity and wisdom, and if we can put all that energy in the same place—well, who knows what we can learn and accomplish!!

So join me.

  • Read the book so you can get the philosophy and the basic foundations about food psychology, behavior, nutrition, digestion, fitness and form.
  • Sign up so we can send you emails about information you’ll want to know.
  • Write in and tell us what’s important to you and how we’re doing.

And most importantly,

  • Step up! Because if you want to live better and feel better, you’ve got to get real, get knowledgeable and get on it.

I know you can do it.