Warm Up With This Extra Special Hot Chocolate Recipe and 5 Other Ways to Stay Cozy this Season

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With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter and shorter, it’s easy to fall into the blues, waiting for the warm sun to come back again in the spring (which is months and months away!) The fall and winter seasons are such wonderful opportunities to slow down, be productive and feel cozy. Here are some ways that I like to stay cozy…

Get Outside

This may seem like the opposite of staying cozy, especially if it’s really cold outside, but trust me on this one – bundling up with a cozy knit scarf, socks and a heavy coat and going outside in the crisp air feels very cozy! It’s easy to get into a rut by staying inside in the fall and winter months but fresh air is so important for us to feel rejuvenated, alive and connected to nature so bundle up tight, gather some friends or cozy up with your loved one go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air. It makes going back inside that much cozier.

Light Candles

The fall and winter months are dark seasons so it’s the perfect time to create cozy lighting. As soon as the sun begins to set in our house (which is around 4:00 pm these days), I light a few candles. Then as it sets fully I light even more. I turn off ceiling lights, turn on fairy-lights and lamps and instantly our home feels cozy and warm from the soft glow of the flickering light.

Catch Up on Reading

Can you think of a cozier activity than curling up under a blanket and reading a book? In the time when ‘Netflix and chill’ is so popular, try something else – silence. Engage your mind in new ideas or an exciting story and enjoy the sound of silence. I recently read “Falling in Honey” by Jennifer Barclay and highly recommend it.

Host a Dinner Party

Eating with friends on a chilly night is the epitome of cozy if you ask me. Spend some time to carefully plan a dinner party with special recipes, a good playlist and gather some nice decorations to set the mood (maybe a bouquet of festive greens that smell nice, like eucalyptus.) Dim the lights and set the table nicely so your guests feel cozy in your space and enjoy an intimate evening of conversation, laughter and togetherness.

Drink Warm Beverages

One of my favorite ways to get cozy is to drink something warm. It feels like you’re giving your insides a hug, doesn’t it? While I usually go for lemon ginger tea, my Extra Special Hot Chocolate recipe is decadent and divine, perfect for a special, cozy treat.

the body book - the longevity book - cameron diaz

Extra Special Hot Chocolate


1 cup unsweetened almond milk
¼ cup dairy-free chocolate chips or chocolate chunks
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 Tbsp maple syrup
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
¼ tsp pink sea salt


Begin by whisking the chocolate chips or chunks with the almond milk in a small saucepan over medium heat. Whisk well until the chocolate has fully dissolved. Then, add the cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt and whisk until everything is well mixed. Heat until the hot chocolate is at your desired temperature and then enjoy warm (or hot) in your favorite festive mug.

What are your favorite ways to stay cozy?

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ASHLEY WOOD is a recipe developer and writer from Winnipeg, Canada. With a passion for health, wellness and vegetables, Ashley creates simple and inexpensive vegan recipes made from whole ingredients that are often seasonal, sometimes gluten-free and occasionally raw. Ashley believe in celebrating the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle and at the very least, hopes to inspire others to eat more plants, smile and live with some Sunshine.

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