Vintage Decor + Holiday Shopping Tips

Gilena Simons and Jam Leonard are the owners of Blossom, the first of its kind curated bohemian atelier, a local gathering place in Santa Monica, CA that brings the community together around art, beauty, wellness, vintage fashion and interiors. Blossom’s eclectic creators are sharing their tips for shopping vintage for your holiday gifts and decor. 


Begin At Home

When decorating for the holidays, always begin at home. Unearth family treasures that may not necessarily say “holiday,” but remind you of fond memories and loved ones – china tea sets, candlesticks, beloved stuffed animals. Look for things in vintage shops that you remember brought you joy as a child. Did you have a favorite nutcracker or ornament? A set of salt and pepper shakers or napkin rings you remember always seeing at your grandmother’s holiday table? Seek out the sentimental and the personal to add extra charm to your décor. After that, add your own flair with vintage ribbons and ornaments that speak to you and to your unique holiday style.

Pick a Theme

When shopping for vintage holiday items, it can be helpful to pick a theme – whether it’s a favorite color or type of collectible. Think all gold or all silver items amassed upon your mantle, but don’t be afraid to stray outside of “traditional” holiday colors. A collection of beautiful items all in shades of metallic magenta or aqua can look every bit as chic. And collections of similar items always makes a bolder statement than just one or two, whether crystal vases or mercury glass. Go big and go festive!



Get Your Shopping On!

When shopping vintage as presents for loved ones, remember it’s always the thought that counts.  Honoring your Aunt Jane’s love of owls or elephants and buying her a one-of-a-kind vintage piece will go far in letting her know how much you care. Vintage fashion it’s all about one of kind pieces that have stories. What decade? Who wore it? When buying vintage fashion, you can be assured you will always arrive at the party in a one-of-a-kind outfit that reflects the one-of-a-kind you!

Unique holiday gift ideas (all are available in-store at Blossom):

– Covet-worthy fashion from vintage Chanel to 80’s Band Tees
– Locally made jewelry that you’ll second guess giving away
– Bags, hats, scarves and more that you won’t find anywhere
– Antique home decor that will knock your giftee’s sock off
– Unique collectible toys for the kiddos
– Gratis vintage ribbon and bow wrapping

Thank you Gilena and Jam! You can experience Blossom in person or online: Website // Instagram

How do you decorate for the holidays? We’d love to see your decorations! Tag us in your pics @TheBodyBook. For more holiday resources, check out these tips:

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