Unpack Your Habits

Happy Anniversary, Body Bookers! It’s been one year since we launched OurBodyBook.com, the online extension of Cameron’s bestselling book, The Body Book. With your help, this site has become a community of motivators and has truly become OUR body book.

New Years Resolutions - Unpack Your Habits #TheBodyBook

Our first series of posts came about during New Years with a focus on changes that you may want to make (we all have areas we need to work on) and how success will come by focusing on SMALL, ACHIEVABLE goals.

First up, here are 3 Steps to Make a Resolution You’ll Actually Stick With.

This was followed by the 4 pillars of Viva La Resolution:

Get Moving

Eat Breakfast

Get Connected

Stay Covered


As we move into 2015, we will continue focus on helping you make healthy habits a part of your every day. So how exactly are habits created? Habits are the way your brain performs familiar activities unconsciously, so we can save energy for other tasks. That means you can do two tasks at once; such as brushing your teeth while thinking about what you’ll make for dinner that night.

Habits are so natural to our brain that we don;t even realize when we’ve lost control of the conscious decisions we are making. So if you want to become healthier, change the way you feel, you must UNPACK YOUR HABITS and reassess the passive decisions we’ve been making habitually.


Step back from your habits and recognize that they are CHOICES.

Ask yourself: Do you like the result of those choices?

If not, don’t panic! The good news is, once you become aware of your ingrained choices, you have the POWER TO CHANGE THEM.

Take responsibility. Recognize what your habits are if you want to engage your discipline to change them. You have to wake up!

New Years Resolution - Unpack Your Habits #TheBodyBook

What are the new habits you wish to create in 2015? Tell us in the comments below!