Transform Your Body with These 7 Barre-Inspired Moves

I have a love-hate relationship with Barre. We’ve been going back and forth for years. One of my good friends when I lived in Denver would always encourage me to go and I would occasionally give in. Barre, however, has not given up on me and recently made an appearance back in my life. I’m now living in Detroit and another good friend has opened a studio Downtown. So, in an effort to be a good friend (again) I decided to go to class. Much to my dismay, I realized that barre was a perfect compliment to my time spent in the gym. I love having the opportunity to elongate and stretch my muscles, which are often tight from lifting weights. I’ve found myself missing barre when I can’t go and I’m suddenly wondering who I am!

Since I’ve recently been on the barre train I’ve decided to share the love with all of you! Here is a quick bodyweight workout inspired by my new favorite class. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

7-Move Barre Workout

Try each move for 30 seconds and repeat the circuit as time allows. I love you using the Seconds Pro app as my timer.

1 // Plié Squat
the body book - cameron diaz

Squat with your toes pointed outward as pictured. Keep knees in line with ankles. Squat down while tucking your glutes under and keeping your chest lifted. For an extra burner take turns alternating lifting your heels.

2 // Tabletop Rainbows (30 seconds each side)
the body book - cameron diaz

These really get into the side of your seat. Start in a table top position with your core tight and shoulders, elbows, and wrists in line. Extend your right leg into a straight line and point your toes. Keep your hips parallel to the floor. Now rainbow that right leg to touch the ground to the side of the left leg and make a huge rainbow motion and tap the ground to the far right side. Continue to make that rainbow motion while squeezing your seat and keep your leg flexed.

3 // Plié Squats with Heel Lifts
the body book - cameron diaz

This is a modification of your traditional plié squat and it’s a leg burner. You start in the position pictured with fingertips touching the ground and heels lifted and glued together. You simply move your legs up and down in this position while keeping your hands to the ground. If you aren’t flexible enough use a block under your hands. My favorite instructor used to say to pretend like you have the winning lottery ticket between your heels! They should be touching the entire time!

4 // Push-Ups (Option to add in tricep dips)
the body book - cameron diaz

Push-ups are one of my favorite exercises because they work your entire body. And who doesn’t want toned arms?! Use whatever modification you need from being on your knees or even using the wall if you need to be more upright.

If push-ups aren’t enough for you, flip over and add in 30 seconds of tricep dips after your push-ups.

5 // Plank with Knee Taps
the body book - cameron diaz

Start in a plank position. Keep core tight, shoulders and elbows in line with wrists, and eyes to the floor so you don’t strain your neck. Tuck your seat and then simply tap your knees to the ground, then straight back up. Keep tapping the entire 30 seconds.

6 // Bridge lift with legs pointing outward
the body book - cameron diaz

Bridge lifts are nothing new, however, try them with your legs wide and toes pointed outward (as pictured) to really get into your thighs. Yes, this one small adjustment is a game changer and really gets into the side of your seat.

7 // Boat pose
the body book - cameron diaz

Begin seated with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Draw your awareness inward and focus on your breath. Keep your spine straight, lean back slightly and lift your feet off the ground. If you’re able straighten your legs, if not keep legs bent and grip lightly behind the knees. Remember to keep your chest lifted and eyes forward.

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