Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

the body book - cameron diaz

Medicine balls are one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment. Even the most basic gyms usually have them and they are pretty inexpensive if you want to add one to your collection of home exercise equipment. I love workouts that are quick, get the job done and aren’t overcomplicated. This is simple workout but will definitely get your heart rate up and having you feel the burn!

If you have not downloaded the Seconds App I highly recommend it. It’s a great timer on your phone so you can focus on your workout and not watching a clock. The thing I love about it is that you can still play music while the timer is going. We will start out doing each exercise for one minute, then down to a 45 second round, and then 30 seconds for the last one.

Here is the breakdown:

Round 1 – Each exercise for one minute, 10 second rest in between

Round 2 – Each exercise for 45 seconds, 10 second rest in between

Round 3 – Each exercise for 30 seconds, NO rest in between – BURN OUT!

1. Lunge Twists

Start in a standing position holding the medicine ball at your chest. Step forward into a lunge, keeping your knee over ankle, then turn and twist over the leg that is facing forward. Alternate legs and twisting each time.

2. Wall Toss

Stand facing any kind of wall. Squat low to the ground and as you stand up toss the medicine ball as high as you can bouncing off the wall and catching it. Squat back down and repeat. Remember to keep your booty back and knees over ankles.

the body book - cameron diaz
3. Push-Ups

Start in a regular push-up position, as pictured, with one hand on the ground and one hand
on the medicine ball. Do the push-up and then rotate ball to your other hand, do the push-up
and repeat!

the body book - cameron diaz the body book - cameron diaz
4. Wall Sit

Simply act like you’re sitting in a chair but rest your back on the wall. The key in this
exercise is to keep your chest lifted. Place the medicine ball between your legs and focus
on holding the ball in place. Rest hands on thighs but do not lean over or support yourself.

the body book - cameron diaz
5. Russian Twists

Transition to the ground to a seated boat position. Keep your chest lifted and hold medicine ball at your chest. You can keep your feet planted on the ground for a modification, lift to a ninety degree angle or extend straight for a challenge. Twist and tap the ball on your left side, return to center, then over to the right. Repeat!

the body book - cameron diaz
6. Squat with Overhead Press

Start in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Squat down with medicine ball at chest then as you stand lift ball overhead and squeeze your glutes at the top.

the body book - cameron diaz cameron diaz - the body book

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