Top 6 Workout Items To Bring the Gym Home

6 Workout Items to Bring the Gym Home

Let’s face it, finding the time or motivation to go to the gym during the workweek can be tough. Especially when there’s a new season of UnREAL airing on Netflix and a bottle of wine with your name on it in the fridge.

Workout at home you say? For many of us living in a smaller space (or on a smaller budget) having an at-home gym may seem like a pipe dream.

But, not anymore. Massive machines aren’t the only option to get in a great at-home workout these days! Now, you can break a sweat without breaking the bank…or your feng shui.

From the ultimate resistance band set to a chic printed yoga mat you’ll actually want to put on display (and everything in between) our friends at Blueprint Registry are sharing their top picks for workout items to bring the gym home to you!

Tone Fitness Dumbbell Set Start your collection with this staple piece. A dumbbell set with pairs of 2, 3 and 5 pound weights are perfect for adding some strength training to any workout routine. Take a brisk evening walk, bring along your 3 pounders and you’ve easily added toning into your busy day, while relieving some stress and enjoying an evening outdoors.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Find your zen and protect your joints! Whether you are a hard-core yogi or just sticking to downward dog for now, a supportive yoga mat is great to have on hand for yoga, core training and any other stretching to keep your muscles protected and strong. Now…Ohm with me, people!

Leather Pro Skipping Speed Rope Looking to switch up your cardio a few times a week? Most people don’t know that jumping rope at a moderate, steady pace for 10 minutes is equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes. Increase your speed, agility and awareness while burning off some calories, sounds like a win, win!

Resistance Band Set These might take the cake for an at-home workout product that is compact yet oh, so powerful! These bands range from 4 to 75 pounds in resistance and are stackable so you can go from beginner to expert in no time. Enjoy the many benefits of toning and weight lifting without the bulk of a bench press.

Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper It doesn’t get more to the theme than this product pick, with the Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper get a full cardio workout that targets the legs and booty! That’s right, go ahead and put on The Bachelor while you get your workout on right in the living room.

Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline The name says it all but just to clarify, that’s right we said trampoline! Jump your way into an awesome, FUN cardio workout. This is a great low-impact alternative to running while getting your aerobic fix for the day. *Note: We do not advise bouncing after multiple glasses of chardonnay, let our mistake be your victory*


What are your essential pieces for a home gym? Do you prefer working out at home or the gym?

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