Top 5 Ways to Keep your Metabolism Healthy!

Top 5 Ways to Keep your Metabolism Healthy! Advice from Nutritionist McKel Hill

Metabolism is a complex process and combination of so many factors, which determine how efficient, fast or slow it is. For the purpose of this article let’s just touch on a couple things you can keep in mind and do today to help keep your metabolism healthy.

      1. One of the biggest things we can do to harm our metabolism is to deprive our bodies of food, calories, and overall energy. Our bodies need a certain amount of calories to function- just sitting here reading this your body is utilizing calories and energy to keep up. Add on daily activities and exercise, stress, etc.; and that easily increases our bodies needs; so you can see if you’re not eating enough our body will “slow down” our metabolism because it simply isn’t getting enough nourishment to function properly.
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      1. Our body is an amazing machine, but just like a bike wheel, if one spoke is broken the rest is a bit thrown off. Think of metabolism in this way as well. Keeping tabs on your labs and getting routine blood work is a smart way to check in with how your thyroid is operating, if your hormones are balanced, and that your vitamin/mineral statuses are normal. A note on “normal”, everyone will have a different normal, but talking to your doctor and knowing what your “normal” is, is key to measuring progress and making changes when needed!
      1. Lifting weights increases our metabolism by increasing our lean body mass, which is a great thing! Ladies, we can’t be afraid of lifting weights, I promise you won’t get “big and bulky”; you’ll have beautiful curves, strong cores, backs, and strong bones that help us carry out our good work throughout the day. It’s more important to focus on what lean body mass does for our bodies versus always focusing on what we “look” like because of lean body mass. That’s just an added bonus!
        1. Cortisol isn’t all-bad, yet too much of it or elevated levels over time aren’t great for our metabolisms. Stress is one of the biggest reasons why most of our cortisol levels are out of whack. Start by meditating or taking walks every day for at least 10 minutes; deep breathing, guided meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and any form of stress relief that works for you is great step you can take now to lower your cortisol levels. Diet and what you eat also impacts cortisol level, if you have any questions I recommend seeing a dietitian to get a specific meal plan set up for you or I’m an email away!


      Eat foods that are closest to nature as possible, this ensures your maxing out your bodies potential to get in nutrients from a variety of foods.

Make daily goals to help you reach a healthy metabolism, if skipping meals is one of your downfalls or challenges, work at it by creating a daily goal of not skipping meals.

  • Take the time to reduce stress

Sleep at least 8 hours a night

Exercise daily

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