Top 5 Ways Single Ladies Can Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

All my single ladies! Top 5 things you can do this Valentine’s Day to practice self-love:

All my single ladies! Top 5 things you can do this Valentine’s Day to practice self-love:

Practice self-care

Simple enough right!? Practicing a lifestyle of living whole and eating well encompasses things you can do to practice good self care. From eating nourishing food, sleeping enough, having supportive friendships and a community, managing stress, exercising, your morning routine, and simple things that make you feel “good”.

Befriend the urge of busyness

So many of us look to “fill” our time because we 1) don’t know what to do with free time, 2) don’t want to sit with ourselves, or 3) don’t know how to just “be”. I know this one might be hard to take in and admit, but use this day based around love to show yourself self-love in how you can practice this by being totally okay with being alone and at peace—not looking for distractions!

Make a date with a self-development, spiritual, or any book/reading materials that make your heart and soul happy

I’m all about those types of books, they allow us to create space for exploring that parts of our selves and learning more about how we want to show up in life. Use this time to shower yourself with love in the form of expansion!

Rock it solo

Who says that you “need” to celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone? One way you can celebrate and show yourself some extra self-love is to relax and honor the time you have by yourself. That could be making a date with yourself to go get a massage, your nails done, go take a long hike outside, take up a new art class, read a book at home in your PJ’s—skies the limit here. The goal is to do something you absolutely LOVE.

Hang out with your girlfriends and make it a girls date with each other!

Whether that’s going out to dinner, seeing a funny movie, or having a chill time at home gathered around board games, wine, popcorn, chocolate, and all things sweet.

Try our Ultimate Guide to a Naturally Beautiful Spa Night.

Want more ideas on how to practice self-love? Check out this blog post where I share my top 10 ways and a couple things I’ve learned over the years about self-love. I hope you all have a beautiful V-day!

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any advice for our single readers?

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