Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Cocktail!

Healthier Cocktails

 5 Tips for a Healthier Cocktail

Mix alcohol with sugar free beverages. Not the kind artificially sweetened! Try club soda, herbal teas, or sparkling waters. Add fresh fruits and herbs to add flavor.

Pace yourself. Drink 1-2 glasses of water per alcoholic beverage. This not only keeps you more hydrated during the evening, but will also help you naturally pace yourself throughout the evening.

Order your not-so-favorite drink. If ordering your favorite drink, most of us are able to drink those quite easily and by easily I mean quickly and more frequently. Try ordering your least favorite drink as a natural way to pace yourself and not over indulge

Add citrus. Use lemon juice, lime juice, or a splash of real grapefruit juice for a natural way to flavor drinks versus artificial add-ins.

Avoid creamy additions to drinks. Cocktails that involve cream, egg whites, etc. are often higher in calorie and sweetened with simple syrup.

Keep it clear. Try clear liquors with club soda and fresh lime/lemon juice, red wine, red wine mixed with a bit of sparkling water, or fresh grapefruit juice with clear liquor. Keep it simple, enjoy, and use moderation. Also, be sure to hydrate as much as possible the day of and day after and refuel the next day with a nutrient dense breakfast like a Green Tart Smoothie.

Most of all, stay safe and make smart decisions!

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