Tone Up, Stretch Out & Release Stress With This Full-Body Yogalates Video

This is an awesome workout! It’s intense and effective…definitely worth your time!

Roll out your mat and press play when you’re feeling sluggish, stressed or tense. You’ll feel like a different person when you’re done!

You may be wondering: what is yogalates and why is it so effective?

Great questions! Here are your answers…

What’s yogalates?

Yogalates is simply a workout that combines principles, exercises, and entire movement sequences from both Pilates and yoga. (It’s my absolute favorite form of movement!) You might hear a workout like this called by other names, such as: PiYo or Fusion classes.

What are yoga and Pilates?

Are they pretty much the same thing? Or, completely different?

Yoga and Pilates compliment each other beautifully!


Yoga and Pilates are very similar in regards to the benefits/ah-mazing results they offer.

    • ● Increased muscle tone and strength
      • ● Less chronic and acute pain
      • ● Weight loss
      • ● More flexibility
      • ● Better sleep
      • ● More energy
      • ● More confidence and comfort in your own skin
      • Less stress & confusion
      • ● More focus, clarity, and efficiency
      • ● Better, more attractive posture
      • ● A heightened sense of well-being and happiness

      Both can be adapted to align with your fitness level and easily modified to meet your needs.

      Both workouts are based on very similar principles. For example, both promote:

        • Control: when you’re in control of your movement, you’re using muscle vs. momentum. Therefore, it’s safer and more effective.
        • Quality over quantity
        • Focus
        • Proper alignment
        • Full body integration
        • Breath


      In a yoga practice, you do a lot of standing, balancing, and holding. In a Pilates practice, you do more core exercises, down on the mat. Pilates is all about core stabilization. So, you do a variety of different things with your arms and legs, with the intention of keeping your torso still.

      The breathing is a little different, between the two, as well. (I go over all the breathing details this in my foundation classes.)

      Finally, Pilates began in the early 20th century. A German-born man named, Joseph Pilates, developed the foundations of this form of movement. Yoga, on the other hand, has a much longer and less concrete history. In fact, there is much debate over its origins. Many people believe it has its roots in India and dates back to 500 BCE or before.

      Why are yoga and Pilates so effective?

      Both forms of exercise promote quality movement (over speed or quantity).  You’re not just going through a workout to get it done, but instead, you’re doing your best to make the most of each pose…make the most of the experience in its entirety. In other words, you’re mindful of the process and enjoying the “journey”.

      Yoga and Pilates are both highly functional forms of movement. So, you’re not simply burning calories and toning up, but you’re also promoting body awareness, practicing how to hold yourself in proper alignment, and stretching and strengthening in ways that will reduce and eliminate pain.

      The principles upon which these two forms of exercise are built, maximize efficiency and effectiveness. I’ve tried many forms of exercise. You truly get the most bang for your buck with these two!

  • Do you prefer yoga or Pilates? Or does a yogalates workout like this meet your fitness needs? Tell us what type of workouts you’d like to see more of on The Body Book.

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