Tone & Trim Your Arms With a TRICEP Workout

Tone and Trim with these TRICEP Exercises

Triceps are the best kept secret to having toned arms, but also the most under utilized. Don’t believe me? Try doing a chaturanga push-up and let me know how it goes.

People always ask me how my arms are so toned. It’s no secret, you have to do some push-ups and remember to never neglect your triceps! The triceps brachii muscle make up almost seventy percent of the muscle of your upper arm. The latin term means “three-headed muscle of the arm.” They are the LARGEST arm muscle. These little powerhouses set the tone for the rest of your arm, literally, so show them some love!

It’s no secret these Resource Girls hate anything that’s over complicated so we’ve made an acronym for the best little tricep workout. The only thing you have to remember is the word TRICEP and you’ll be good to go!


T – Turns

You can work a completely different muscle group just by making a slight modification. Start with a slight bend in knees, back flat, arms locked to rib cage and extend your arm straight back from your elbow. With arms extended straight and gripping your light hand weights turn palms up to the sky, then down to the ground then back up to the sky. This is a very small, but powerful movement that will have your triceps screaming in no time! Try to keep turning for a full minute.

Tricep Workout

R – Rotations

Similar to the extensions listed below but while your arm is extended back, and you’re gripping your weights, you rotate your weights in tiny circles. Think quarter size circles, a tiny but powerful movement. Try for fifteen or twenty seconds then reverse the direction.

Tricep Workout

I – Isometric Hold

The word Isometric simply means the joint angle and muscle length don’t change during the contraction. To work your tricep in this way, grab your weights and get into the tricep extension position (see below under extension), but instead of moving the muscle you will keep your arms completely straight and lifted as high as you can hold them above your back. Try to hold for at least thirty seconds.

Tricep Extension

C – Chaturanga Push-Up

Similar to a regular push-up start on your knees or toes, instead of arms wide, like you’re used to, bring in arms close to your side. Think elbows touching ribs, now push-up and lower down. Don’t strain your neck and keep eyes down to the floor. Try one or two from your toes and then go to your knees to modify.

Tricep Workout

E – Extensions

These are an oldie but a goodie, good ol’ tricep extensions. Grab a pair of lighter hand weights, probably five to eight pounds. Start with a slight bend in knees, back flat, arms locked to rib cage and extend your arm straight back from your elbow. Try to get your arm as straight as humanly possible while keeping that elbow locked in to your side.

P – Pulse

Same position as listed above for the extension. Keep arms locked into your side and extended straight back while also gripping your weights then with your stick straight arm just do little pulses straight up. Try to go for a full minute.

Tricep Workout

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