5 Tips to Help You Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays can be a super fun and exciting time of year, but if you have to work on a holiday it can be depressing and filled with dread.


Having worked in healthcare for the last almost ten years I know what it’s like to have to work on holidays. Whether you have to work or not a little planning goes a long way. Here are five tips that have helped me survive working the holidays and enjoying all this time of year has to offer too.

If you aren’t someone that has to work on a holiday send a little extra love to someone close to you that does. It will truly mean the world to them.

5 Tips to Help You Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday
  1. 1. Every year you have an intention to make it to that play, see those lights or create a tradition and it doesn’t happen. NOT this year! Schedule that thing today, buy the tickets, rally the troops and make it happen!

2. Money can be a huge stressor this time of year. Make a feeling list, instead of a gift list. Odds are you can achieve that feeling without spending a fortune. Even if you want to break the bank you will be sure to be spending money in a way that’s meaningful.

3. That thing you hate, dread going to and lowers your vibration… DON’T GO! Cancel it now and tell someone who will hold you accountable. The holidays should be filled with joy, not things that bring you down. Saying “no” can be difficult but I promise it’s liberating too.

4. We can’t complain on missing out if we don’t speak up. Is there any way your work schedule can be accommodated? Have you asked? You never know what may happen if you haven’t asked. Worse case you’re in the same boat you’re in now.

5. More than likely you already have your holiday schedule or know when you’re going to work. How can you prep right now for that shift?


• Leave notes for your kids to discover, hide gifts, or have a project set up for them to do.
• Leave a funny holiday sticker on your patient’s water cup.
• Who else is working with you? Coordinate something special for that day!
• Wear something fun and festive to put you in the holiday spirit.


How do you handle working during the holidays?

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