5 Tips for Dealing With Stressed Hair

READ HERE if you’re dealing with WELL WATER. 


Hi, Body Book Friends! So we moved about a year ago to a new home that we absolutely love, however it hasn’t been easy adjusting to what can easily be referred to as our third child, the well water tank.

I’ve done some research, made some changes, noted further items to get done, and I’m constantly experimenting on how to reverse the spell its has cast on my hair. For those of you whose hair is suffering from the adverse affects of well water, hard water, or are dealing with stressed hair in general—this one’s for you. Trust me, I feel your pain!

well water… what’s that?

Depending who you speak to, well water (also known as domestic water) is better than city water because it is naturally sourced and derived directly from the earth. It contains rich mineral properties and is not treated with harsh chemicals (source). However, well water does take some getting used to and loads of research if you’re an investigative hound and worry wart like me.

For us, it’s been about a year-long adjustment period acclimating ourselves with the proper channels and devices needed to constantly improve it. My husband thinks its fine, but for me…it’s just not. I’ve called the health department and just about every municipality known to man. I have conducted my own at-home water testing as I need to regulate and safe guard my water as I have kids with asthma and allergies. Yes, I feel like Erin Brockovich.

As a Chicagoan, my family and I grew up on Lake Michigan water and we never had a problem. Now living in another county of Illinois, it’s been a transition going from soft water to hard water—and learning to adjust in-between.

From a financial point of view, well water is supposed to be more cost efficient in the long run, however it remains the responsibility of the well owner to ensure that their domestic well water is safe. It is important to note that your state and township do not regulate your domestic well water quality. City water is treated with chlorine and fluoride because it comes from lakes and rivers with many pollutants, however well water is never pre-treated. The downside is that homeowners need to be doing their own yearly testing to ensure that high traces of lead, minerals and bacteria do not reside in their well (source). And note, your neighbor could have completely different water based on his or her well.

For us, we had to install a new softener system, but still have to install a reverse osmosis filtration system. I also want to get our pipes looked at down the line as I never leave a stone unturned. Like I said up top, it’s been a process.

In the meantime, I’ve had to conduct my own research and test-out certain products for the life of my hair. I never had to contend with frizzy hair until after giving birth for the second time (yes, everything changes) and now having well water has made the situation a little…well…hairier.


Like all new things, its just a matter of adjustment and becoming informed! So after some trials and tribulations I have found the following protocol for dealing with well-water hair…and stressed hair at that!

1. Invest In A Shower Head Filter

Purify your water and remove chlorine and heavy metals by using a universal shower filter like this one designed to improve skin, scalp and hair issues. A multi-stage filtration unit will remove sediments that weigh down your hair, causing hair loss and dry hair. By removing harmful impurities in your water you’ll immediately notice a difference in your hair and your strands will be way less brittle.

You’ll also feel that your water is no longer too soft or too hard—helping your shampoo to lather up and rinse off properly. I’m thinking about installing this T3 system in our master bathroom because after much research this looks like the best bet yet.

2. Beauty From The Inside Out

As I recently discussed in my Beauty Breakfast post, beauty ingestibles help with your hair, skin and nails so using a beauty-based powder like Moon Juice’s Pearl will act as beauty food to strengthen your hair and promote shine from within. Moon Juice powders are designed to help deal with daily stressors so it makes sense that they can also help combat some hair stress. Secondly to prevent hair fall out, try daily doses of high potency biotin supplements to help prevent fall out. Give Biotin, Phytophanere, or a woman’s hair nourishing vitamin a try. You’ll have to see what works best for you but, consuming internal beautifying adaptogens and vitamins will certainly help regain your scalp’s health and fortify your strands.

3. Try A New Shampoo (or rather Shampoo Kit)

Try shampoo specifically designed for well and/or hard water like Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection. I absolutely LOVE GOOP’s G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo (the detox and fragrance are amazing) but I finally have to try a shampoo designed for hard water, at least to wash out the immediate mineral build-up. I’m choosing this vegan brand because it gently eliminates toxins and impurities with a 3-part system. I like that it includes a hard water pack to immediately flush out and repel hard water going forward.

4. Repair and Reconstruct

I’ve always relied on Oribe’s Signature Conditioner because although expensive, it works like an absolute charm. But now that my hair needs extra help, I’m going to incorporate a mask that’s ideal for stressed hair (especially one dealing with well water). I’ve heard wonderful things about Malibu C Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor to envelope the hair in moisture and strengthen from within. Given that cold Chicago winds (and winter in general) are upon us, I’m going to amp up my conditioning treatment to combat both winter and water with this mask.

5. Beauty Sleep TLC

Be sure to catch my story on how to improve your beauty sleep. In the meantime, my thoughts on getting less hair tangles and breakage is worth mentioning here. Try sleeping on a 100% pure silk pillowcase. A quick search on Amazon will yield some popular contenders but this one is a standout and I can attest to the reviews. This pillowcase is designed to eliminate hair tangling and hair matting by allowing your scalp to properly breathe and not tugging against harsh fabric. In addition, be sure to only use quality brushes on your hair. Nothing beats a Mason Pearson brush for bringing out shine because it properly distributes your hairs natural oils and gently detangles dry hair. For wet hair, try a wet brush like Super Lemon Drop Daily Detangler to properly detangle your hair without causing damage or hair pulling.


I’ll report back soon as dealing with well water has been a true journey. Do any of you deal with well water or stressed-out hair? We’d love to hear your tips. Be sure to share your tricks below and on our Instagram. Be sure to follow us at @TheBodyBook.

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