The Healing Magic of Oracle Cards


I’d love a personal crystal ball to help me navigate the ups, downs and inside outs of life. I’ve paid my dues to tarot readers and astrologers who have helped me gain clarity after a solid session. However, it’s not always feasible to call one up every time I need to tune in.

Healing inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes a little outside support can help bring us back to our inner guide. We all need reminders from time to time, to reconnect us to our intuition and the answers already within us. 

Oracle cards are my go-to on the daily. They’re accessible and become increasingly personal with use. Like tarot or wisdom cards, oracle cards can be used for spiritual guidance, offer insight to a specific inquiry or simply serve as meditative reflection. Whether you have questions about your personal life or your future path, oracle cards can help you find meaningful answers while awakening your intuition.

Because life is full with many decisions, distractions and duties to navigate each day, it’s essential that we carve out some time for a sacred pause so we can drop back into our body and reclaim our energy. Slowing down gives us permission to inquire who we’re becoming so we can actively participate in living a present and purposeful life. This daily pause can be as simple as picking a card.


Here are a few helpful hints on how to use your oracle deck to create more magic and ritual in your life. The morning is an especially prime time to dive in, yet any time of day is great.

Choose Your Deck: When looking for your own oracle deck, be sure you feel a strong ‘pull’ to it. Touch it, look at the images and messages, and sense into whether it feels ‘right’.  It’s especially powerful when an oracle deck is gifted to you.

Clear Your Deck: Once you have your deck, ‘clear’ your cards so that all the energy it absorbed on its journey to you is cleansed and ready to align with you. To do this, give them a few rounds of an overhand shuffle. Then hold your deck in one hand and place the opposite hand on top. Send your breath, love, prayers and intentions into the deck, aligning it with your vibration. Take it a step further and smudge your deck on all sides with some sacred herbs such as sage, cedar or copal (a resin).

Use Your Deck: The more often you use your deck the more deeply you will connect to its messages, which in turn will ignite the cards greatest power.  As you shuffle your cards, ask a question or set your intention. Then pick a card and contemplate the image and message. If you feel you need more insight, pick more cards. If any cards ‘jump’ out while you shuffle, add them to your reading. Sit with the cards and your own instincts. If a guidebook is available, read the corresponding meanings for a deeper understanding and notice any thoughts or feelings that arise. Once you feel complete you can either place your cards on your altar to keep their messages visible until you use them again, or place them back into your deck.

TheBodyBook_CameronDiaz_TheHealingMagicOfOracleDecks TheBodyBook_CameronDiaz_TheHealingMagicOfOracleDecks

Over the years I’ve used various card decks that have continuously helped me to heal and reflect during important moments in my life. They’ve been such a gift to me – both in my mental and spiritual health – hence I was inspired to create my own oracle deck to share this gift with others. ‘The Moon Deck’ was borne from personal growth and triumph. It’s filled with self-care rituals meant to amplify more self-love and intuitive clarity in our lives. Give them or any other deck a try. I promise, when used with intention and regularity, you will begin to see and feel changes ripple into the many facets of your life.

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Aarona Ganesan is the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck, an international yoga teacher and a women’s wellness adviser. She loves traveling the world, giving her city-ways a break in nature, and collaborating with conscious change makers. You can learn more about Aarona’s offerings at Connect with Aarona: Instagram // Twitter /Email // Facebook. // Connect with The Moon Deck: Instagram  // Facebook