The Body That Builds Baby: 4 Essentials for a Healthy Pregnancy

Lisa Hewitt is the soul-filled Holistic Nutritionist at Bright Beginnings with a special focus and love for a nourished pregnancy and postpartum, and inspired infant nutrition. As a Mama of 3 with nearly two decades in the health industry, Lisa is best known for her capacity to inspire wellness while being respectful, inclusive, and generous to the culture of Motherhood.


“Just like the moons + like suns with the certainty of tides, just like hopes springing high, still I’ll rise for you.” – Maya Angelou

Welcome, to Motherhood.

As a culture we are only beginning to understand the true significance of maternal health during pregnancy. But there’s no question that as mothers, our choices for our children matter.

Pregnancy is an opportunity to bridge a foundation of wellness for our babies – to nourish and protect them while development is so remarkable. Vibrant nutrition, mindful movement, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude are intrinsic for both mama and babe’s wellbeing.


How smoothly a mother recovers from birth and adapts to the early demands of motherhood will be directly influenced by her nutrition, and though it can be challenging for many women to eat as they’d ideally like to during pregnancy, our nutritional needs cannot be over-emphasized.

While fetal development is so rapid, any necessary nutrients for baby will come right out of the mother’s body… if they aren’t supplied by her nutrition;

• Include nutrient-rich, quality calories from wholefood sources every day.

• Create balance at mealtime with quality protein, healthy fats (especially omega 3s), and complex carbohydrates.

• Stay hydrated, always.

• Get wild with pregnancy superfoods like bee pollen, spirulina, hemp seeds, goji berries, and sauerkraut.

• Reduce or eliminate refined foods or anything heavily processed.

Just think real food.

When nutrition strays too far from nature the burden on mama’s body runs deep, zapping energy available to the baby and setting her up for potential long-term depletion.


Pregnancy itself increases the mobilization of stored toxins – including heavy metals – and though a prenatal body is inherently protective, environmental toxins have become so affluent in our ecosystem that our level of exposure is greater than ever before.  Even the healthiest of bodies are being challenged, most especially our babies.

A tiny baby body – of any age or stage – is not equipped to process the chemical load that has become a modern reality. The first trimester in particular, is very impressionable since baby’s detoxification organs have only begun to develop.

One of the most beneficial ways to mitigate this during pregnancy is to enjoy a chemical-free lifestyle;

Clean Nutrition – reduce exposure to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides by choosing food grown with organic practices or labelled Certified Organic. Research has shown this to be the game-changer for reducing a mother’s body burden while pregnant.

Non-Toxic Beauty Products – our skin is like a second stomach! Everything that lands on it – makeup included – ends up in the blood stream without any filtration. Learn about labels and choose-with-care.

Ditch Chemical Cleaning Products – air quality is paramount to a pregnant mother’s wellness. Ditch the household chemicals (including dryer sheets), and opt for time tested old-fashioned cleaning agents like vinegar, grapeseed extract, and essential oils.

So Mama, let’s get dirty with clean ingredients and nourish our babies the way nature intended!


The gravity of motherhood can be a heavy hitter – it can feel like an enormous responsibility ‘to get things right’. Though many mothers experience a sense of ease while pregnant, the messaging around pregnancy and birth can feel daunting at times – especially to those who have experienced loss along the way.

The body is intuitive and wise – building a baby, although extraordinary, has evolved over millennia. Try not to let fear eject you from this moment. Let your body do what it was born to do.

You are not a medical mystery. You my Love, are carrying a child. Close your eyes, and trust the process.


‘It Takes a Village’ is a romantic notion that celebrates a kinship and richly supported environment for families, and mothers. Bringing it forth into a modern world – with such progressive ideas about navigating early postpartum – is still somewhat confusing.

The expression has a tendency to be overused, and is often misunderstood. Before baby arrives I challenge you to purposefully and intentionally consider what type of support you may need. Consider the practical needs of your young family such as help with cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, or childcare for older siblings. More importantly though, consider the emotional needs you may be faced with;

More and more, mothers are experiencing what we know today as Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, and/or Postpartum Anxiety. We are only beginning to understand the heart of these realities, but at the center of it is an unwavering need for appropriate support, for new mothers.

Who are the people in your life that you could call upon, and feel safe enough with while at your most vulnerable? Who will cradle you softly – in the terrifying magnificence that is postpartum?

You are the body that built baby. Now you’ve birthed her too.

Slow down, love up, and allow your circle of support to widen. Let yourself to be cared for so you can emerge steady, with a full heart, triumphant and proud.

Because you my Love, are strong as a mother.

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