Sweat it Out! 20 Minute Muscle-Building Workout

It’s no secret I’m all about the fast and efficient workouts. There is most definitely a time and a place for something longer and more grueling, but I’ve always been of the persuasion that something is better than nothing.

Many times we skip our workouts because we’re pressed for time. No more! Here’s a little twenty minute burner you can do at home, with hand weights and still feel really great that you did something!

Do each exercise for one minute. I love using the Seconds app for a timer. You can even type the exercises into the app to help you stay on track and transition quickly.

If you get tired take a five second break and then right back at it. To make each exercise harder add heavier weight and go for more reps, if you need to modify use lighter weights or none at all.

The Workout:


Get your heart pumping by alternating toe taps on one of your weights, hold the other weight for an extra challenge.

Balancing Shoulder Press

While standing on one leg bend other leg at ninety degree angle, keeping knee level with hip. When press weights up, kick leg out.

Do the same exercise again just alternate legs.

Squat with goblet tricep press

Remain in the squat the entire time making sure that booty is back and knees are behind toes. Hold weight like a goblet as pictured and press up and down. Make sure to keep elbow glued in to close to ears.

Weighted plank pulls

Start in a plank position while holding your weights. Alternate pulling your weight up to your ribs and back down. Keep your arm in line with your body and make sure your gaze is downward so you don’t strain your neck. If you have trouble balancing spread your feed wider apart and always make sure your core is engaged and tight!

Weighted surrenders

Hold weights overhead as pictured and start on knees. Fold up a yoga mat or use a pillow if this hurts your knees. Alternate switching between standing up on each leg. Keep your core engaged and body upright so your legs are doing a majority of the work. Keep gaze forward.

End with some deep breaths and a child’s pose to stretch it out knowing that you made yourself a priority today and that’s something to be proud of!

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CAT GOLDEN started Nine Lives Health and Mind to help others feel like the absolute best version of themselves. She has a background in pediatric nursing and now does her wellness business full time. She does this through working with individuals and groups conducting weight loss programs, help with athletic performance, increased energy and mindset training. She has been a fitness enthusiast for the last decade and believes that where focus goes energy flows. Focus on gratitude and moving your body and watch how your life can change! (You can also see posts from Cat under The Resource Girls)

Photography: @lyssalefflerphotography