Stability Ball Partner Workout

Do you have that person in your life that’s been with you through thick and thin? The person that’s seen you at your worst but never reminded you of how crazy you were acting? Hopefully we’re all fortunate enough to each have one of those people in our lives. These Resource Girls – Cat and Lauren – have been best friends for over twelve years and had our share of tears and laughter, good times and bad. Through all the ups and downs we’ve always been there for each other.

It’s no surprise this got us thinking about a new workout using a stability ball. It seemed very symbolic of our friendship through the years, the stability in a crazy world. So grab a friend and head to the gym for a shoulder to lean on, a very soon to be sweaty shoulder we might add!

Stability Ball Workout

The reasons we love a stability ball are endless! Even when doing leg or arm exercises you’re always working your core because the ball is helping your body stabilize, hence the name stability ball. Most of these exercises can be done individually as well so not having a gym buddy isn’t an excuse, modify as needed!

Lateral Lunges

With lateral lunges the most important thing to remember is to not over extend the knee you’re leaning on, make sure to keep your knee lined up with ankle (see picture). When one person leans and squats down, the other partner will be standing straight up. Think give and take, push and pull. Now switch sides so you can work both legs.

Stability Ball Workout

Traditional Forward Facing Lunge

Same as above except instead of extending leg out to the side face away from the ball, resting the top of your foot on the ball and lunge straight up and down.

Planks with Knees into Chest 

Both partners start with toes on the ball in plank position while facing opposite directions. While one partner brings knees into chest the other partner remains in a plank position then switch, one partner with knees into chest and then the other partner holds plank.

Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Workout

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Pass the Ball 

Partners lie flat on their back with their feet touching as pictured. One partner starts with the ball overhead and passes to feet then extends straight. Next partner grabs ball in their feet from the other person then passes to their hands and extends overhead while the other partner remains in an extended position with arms and feet off the ground. Repeat!

Stability Ball Workout

Tricep Roll-outs 

Partners face each other with triceps resting on the stability ball while in a forearm plank position. One partner extends forearms forward while the other partner brings triceps in toward sides. Go slow! This is an exercise where you only need a tiny movement to make a big impact. Just continue the back and forth motion of bringing forearms forward and back. Partners should be in opposite positions, while one partner is forward the other is back and vice versa.

Stability Ball Workout

Back to Back Squats 

Partners stand back to back with the stability ball in between them. At the same time partners squat up and down while keeping the stability ball glued between them. This requires coordination and stability. You can’t hunch over or you’ll lose the ball. See if you can go for an entire song squatting and keeping the ball in place. For an added challenge try a one minute squat hold at the end.

Stability Ball Workout

The same is true in exercise and in life, life is more stable with your BFF by your side. Now what are you waiting for? Get sweating!

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Cat and Lauren are two best friends who started The Resource Girls to encourage and empower women to be themselves! We’re two girls who survived our twenties as strong, successful, independent women in this crazy world. We blog about fashion, fitness, finance, food and friendship but most of all loving ourselves and embracing who we are. Connect with Cat and Lauren at www.theresourcegirls.comTwitterInstagram.