Lavender Honey Rose Skin Salvation Scrub

Skin Salvation Scrub | Lavender Honey Rose

Ah, the time has come again for a change in seasons. The balmy breezes of summer have moved on and we welcome the brisk cool air and crunching leaves with open arms. The only problem? Well, if you’re anything like I am, those open arms have gotten a bit dry. Your skin is longing for the warmth of months passed; when it was effortlessly plumped with moisture. Don’t become a victim of sad winter skin, exfoliate and moisturize with this all in one shower scrub.

I debated naming this miracle skin saving scrub “the lazy girl’s moisturizer.” Why, you ask? Well, I have a confession: I am so very lazy about moisturizing (gasp worthy, I know). My whole life I have been told how deeply important it is to moisturize my skin, yet something abut the act of rubbing on lotion filled me with dread. Then, my ‘Aha’ moment: you can rub your whole body with this exfoliating scrub filled with natural moisturizers and glowing benefits whilst mid-shower (something you have to do anyway), simply rinse, pat your skin dry, and voila- the tedious moisturizing process is complete!

In recent months, I’ve started to see the leading commercial lotion brands come out with ‘shower moisturizers’ and I thought, ‘hey! that’s what i do!’- the only difference: I’m sure these shower moisturizers on the shelves in drug stores are chemically laden and not the most beneficial for our largest organ. That’s where this little jar of beauty boosting goodness comes in. This concoction is comprised of six natural ingredients that you can probably find in your home pantry and whip up in no time.

Beauty Boosting Ingredients

Coconut oil

If you haven’t heard about the miracles of coconut oil and how it can improve or cure just about any ailment, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. This buzz worthy health and beauty ingredient lives up to the hype. The fatty acids in coconut oil, caprylic and lauric acid, both reduce inflammation of skin conditions and moisturize the skin. Its antimicrobial properties can also help to stave off potential fungal sources that cause a variety of skin ailments. Bottom line: put this stuff everywhere, it is your new best friend.

Raw honey

Raw honey has so many skin benefits I don’t even know where to begin! Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, ph balancing, and it even contains gluconic acid, which is a mild alpha hydroxy acid that can lighten acne scars, age spots, even complexion, and generally brighten up dull lifeless skin. Need I say more? (*Note: make sure you get raw unpasteurized honey, the classic syrupy honey you typically think of has been removed of its beneficial enzymes)

Lavender oil

Lavender is a deeply soothing essential oil that has been used for ages to aid natural relaxation. Why not throw some of that calming essence into your shower routine? You could also use actual lavender buds as an extra exfoliant-but, this is entirely optional.


Not only does rosewater add a beautiful floral scent to your shower experience, but it also has a cooling toner effect. Additionally, rose h20 boasts moisturizing, antioxidant, ph balancing, and anti-bacterial properties.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is my favorite go-to facial oil. It is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A ( a natural retinol). This oil promotes cell turnover and protects your skin while giving it a healthy moisturized glow. Rosehip oil has personally helped me with pesky acne scars and it is just as beneficial all over your body. (Note* if you have acne prone skin like I do, then save this scrub for your body only-I have found that coconut oil is too suffocating for acne prone skin and the topical exfoliants can be harsh on healing skin) Pink Himalayan salt: The salt is your exfoliating agent- you can substitute sugar as well (I would use raw coconut sugar, but any old sugar will get the job done).

Skin Salvation Scrub | Lavender Honey Rose - a beautiful handmade gift for yourself or a loved one.

Lavender Honey Rose Skin Salvation Scrub

a jar of some sort (an 8 oz mason jar will do the trick)
1 cup sugar or salt
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup rosehip oil
3 tbsp raw honey
about 20 drops of lavender essential oil (add more or less depending on how fragrant your want your scrub to be)
2 tbsp rosewater


Add all ingredients together in a bowl except for the essential oil and rosewater. Combine ingredients until you have a thick scrub. Next, add in your drops of essential oil and rosewater until you have a personally desirable fragrance. Enjoy!

Do you make your own beauty products? We want to hear where you get your beauty products – tell us in the comments below.

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