Skin Food | 6 Ingredients for Naturally Flawless Skin + Longevity

Skin Food | 6 Ingredients for Flawless Skin

Hayley Roy and Tara Curran are the creators of Skin Food, a conversation on how to get glowing from the inside out. Hayley is a medically trained esthetician with a holistic background. She has developed therapeutic skin coaching with her green beauty facial practice where she works with you to get to the root of any issue and designs a skin care regime for you to do daily and you will always feel supported in her care. Tara is a holistic nutritionist educating people on how to better their health through food and self care. She provides one on one or group consultations, meal planning and holds people accountable to actualize their goals. They both provide support and guidance for their clientele to develop the tools to achieve their best health.

One of the most important topics that Tara and Hayley like to discuss with their clients and at their Skin Food events is the importance of being mindful and true to your own needs. Since we are all unique individuals, so are our health journeys. Aging is a gift and inevitable if we are lucky. This creates an opportunity to discuss positive self talk and care as well as an awareness of what is truly going on with our bodies.

haley’s favorites:
1- Carrot Seed Oil

When I am on the hunt for skincare I search for naturally occurring superfoods that can help preserve the integrity of our skin’s health. Carrot seed oil contains carotenoids which are rich in Vitamin C and A that is helpful for skin brightening, tightening and detoxification. It also contains Vitamins K and D, which are often the missing link for stressed skin making it a great resource for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and irritated skin. Wild carrot seed oil also works as a natural SPF because of it’s ability to protect your skin cells with it’s high content of Vitamin C. It is best used with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, avocado oil or my favorite coconut oil. Adding this to your daily regimen will help strengthen your skin and soothe away any irritation and dryness. My suggestion would be Odacite’s Wild Carrot Seed Oil. (*NOTE – Carrot seed oil is rich in Vitamin A so it should be avoided during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.)

2 – Immortelle

Otherwise known as Helichrysum, Immortelle is an inflammation tamer that will heal all skin issues. The oil itself is extracted from a yellow daisy like flower so it has a soothing honey like scent. It’s regenerative abilities are quite astounding. When I work with this ingredient I know it will calm any inflammatory condition such as rosacea or acne for it’s anti-coagulant effect. Wounds heal up in no time and your skin is restored to a healthy state. As an essential oil, it has an anti-spasmodic effect which has made it the natural “botox” like ingredient in areas of the skin which tense and therefore wrinkle over time. Soothing the pressure away will preserve your youthful glow. My favorite product with Immortelle is Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm.

3 – Coconut oil

This is my desert island ingredient. There are a million different uses for this magnificent and delicious oil that don’t stop at topical oil. I oil pull my teeth to remove heavy metals and toxin, and cook with this healthy fat every day. Coconut oil is all the rage right now, but the extraction process and sourcing still needs to be taken into consideration. A fair-trade, organic, cold-pressed, unrefined virgin coconut oil is your best bet. The fact that this oil can melt and restore its temperature without losing it’s integrity is incredible and great to keep in mind when storing your coconut based products. Anything over 76 degrees will melt into a liquid. Coconut oil contains fatty acids for moisture, lauric acid for anti-microbial affects, vitamin e for skin cell protection and lots of healthy proteins for balance. There is literally nothing you can’t do with this oil. My recommendation is Conscious Coconut because not only are they the best sourced and easy to use, but every tube of coconut that is sold helps feed a child through Feeding America Food Banks.

TARA’s favorites:
1 – Probiotic

I truly believe that good health begins in the gut. When our digestive system is supported our immune system becomes stronger, the body can properly absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. This all leads to benefits such as brighter, clear skin, more energy for our day and reduces the chance of getting sick. For this to happen it is important we take care of our gut. Eating fermented foods will help support your belly and so will taking a probiotic daily. So what does a probiotic do? A probiotic is good bacteria that helps build and maintain a healthy gut flora; in turn keeping the digestive system on track. One of my favorite probiotics is Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotic for women.

2 – Chia Seeds

A staple you will always find in my pantry and on the ingredient list of my fave face oils, an ingredient I add to smoothies, water, baking and salads. There is not much you can’t do with Chia seeds. A major beauty food and superfood with multiple super powers. Chia seeds are loaded with more omega’s than salmon, protein, 10 grams of fiber, 7 times more vitamin c than oranges, contains all 10 essential amino acids and has 5 times more calcium than milk! Add a tablespoon of chia seeds into a glass of water, make chia seed pudding or add to your morning smoothie to reap the nutritional benefits. With all of these nutrients they can help your body fight free radicals, helping to improve skin over time, help with muscle recovery after workouts, stabilize blood sugar levels and provide energy throughout your day. I personally love to add chia seeds to almond milk and a dash of cinnamon for a midday pick me up. Find my go to Chia Seed brand here.

3 – Adaptogens

Known to be nature’s anti stress fixers, adaptogens are plant derived nutrients to help regulate the body. There are a few wonderful brands bottling these magical nutrients such as Sun Potion and Moon Juice. My go to adaptogens would be He Shu Wu, great for hair, skin and nails as well as balancing the nerves. And Moon Juice’s Action dust, a blend great for pre and post workouts and added energy. Adding these ingredients to your tea, juice or water each day can become a nice ritual for beautiful health.

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