Share Your Energy

“Vibrate good energy into others soul; making them never forget the beauty of yours.”
The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

I recently had the privilege of attending Wanderlust 108 in Detroit. I had heard amazing things about the organization and festival, but had never attended an event. This specific event was a mindful triathlon that involved a 5K run, an hour of yoga and then a mediation. It was the absolute perfect fall day with clear skies, the sun shining bright, and a cool breeze.

As the day of the event drew near I was tired and worn out from working, running my own business, trying to buy a house and just keeping up with real life. Anyone been there? My first thought was maybe I should just sleep in. However, I had invited people to come with me, as I normally do, so in order to not let them down I woke up early on one of my only days off and headed out to the event.

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

One would think that because I was tired and then ran and did yoga I would be exhausted. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired, however, I was full of energy of a different kind. Seeing everyone there, all the different shapes, sizes, races, and wide range of diverse people groups all coming together to sweat, share a yoga practice and be mindful was exhilarating. We did an exercise where we all came together standing in long rows with our arms on each other’s backs and opened our hearts toward the sky. The support you felt in that moment by people you didn’t even know was out of this world.

Setting the time aside to participate in something like Wanderlust was truly a unique experience that reminded me of the importance of shared energies when you feel like you’re low and tired and need rejuvenated but also when you feel full of life as well. I’ve always loved group fitness and I think this is one of the reasons why. When you want to give up or feel like you can’t keep going you can use the shared energy of the group to spur you on. The opposite is true as well. When you feel on top of the world crushing a workout or pushing just a little bit harder could be a huge inspiration to your neighbor.

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

No matter if you go to Wanderlust, your neighborhood yoga studio or are even sitting in your cubicle at this very moment the bottom line is our energy is shared, it’s not ours alone. This week I would encourage you to take note of your energy. Even if you’re feeling low, attempt to inspire someone else or share a little bit of what you have left. You may be surprised just how much it fills you up. If you’re feeling amazing, radiate that energy and shine bright. You never know who you may awaken.

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