Seven Rituals to Celebrate the Spring Equinox


Spring is one of the best season changes to re-acclimate yourself to Mother Nature’s rhythms. Even though each new season brings its own excitement, a reprieve after a long, cold and dark winter is always welcome.

We’re so connected in this digitized age, that we’re actually more disconnected from ourselves and the energy of the physical things around us. Our recent generations have been so fascinated and focused on communication with one another, that we’ve overlooked the actual point of communication:
To connect.

A formal celebration to initiate Spring Energy is a great excuse to gather with girlfriends and verbally express all the things we’re looking forward to over the next season. We’re all actively working toward something, and a Spring Equinox Ritual can become a wonderful habit in helping you stay accountable with your personal goals and keeping you connected to yourself.

Here are seven rituals to celebrate the Spring Equinox:
Crystal Exchange

The winter season doesn’t need to be the only season reserved for a gift exchange. Unite your powerful little coven and do a crystal exchange with one another. Draw names – sort of like a Secret Santa – and then gift a small crystal to your person. Choose a stone that you think she needs, or would help her on her journey right now.

Seven Rituals to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Greenhouse Gathering

Not every greenhouse allows you to hang out and sip coffee – but a lot of them do! Gather your gals and get in a greenhouse to reconnect with that feel-good green energy that has been lacking over the winter months. You can plan your gardens, take a bouquet class, or just absorb some much needed forest bathing medicine.

Tarot Readings

Gather your girlfriends for brunch and after mimosas and spinach omelettes, skip over to a metaphysical shop to have tarot readings to find out what cosmic insight you need to know right now.


Why not channel your inner empress with a girls-only-getaway? It may seem a little too luxurious for some, but a weekend getaway to a little Air BnB with your besties is a great way to celebrate and summon all the bountiful, feminine spring energy. And it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can take the entire weekend to do what YOU want to do, and how you want to do it.

Bonfire Ritual

There has been a lot of big, emphatic, and transformative energy that has come at us in 2018: two full moons in January, no full moon in February, and another Blue Moon at the end of March. This string of double full moons is rare; it hasn’t happened since the 60s. That decade saw a lot of intensity: wars, protests, walking on the moon. That shifting lead to a new global energy in the 70s. We can expect a similar shift to affect us in the new millennium after these double full moons again. A formal bonfire ritual is a great way to release all the radical changes you’ve been going through. Gather around a fire, and write out a long letter to yourself, releasing what no longer serves you. Invite health and wellness and insight for your highest good, and then toss the letter into the fire. Bring tissues!

DIY workshop

Whether it’s learning how to make a fresh bouquet, a macramé plant hanger, or how to build rich compost, sign up for a DIY workshop with a friend, and anchor it around some of the traditions of spring. Plants. Freshness. Vitality. Birth. New ideas. Learn something new to welcome the new energy of the season. (Here are a few you can try at home: DIY Flower Cleansing Stick, DIY Mint & Quartz Toner, and DIY Macrame Wall Hanging)

Night in

Sometimes, just getting together just to chat, connect, nosh and relax is really what the doctor ordered. Round up your coven, pack some healthy snacks pot-luck style, and just hang out with one another to disconnect from your busy lives and hectic schedules. Tell your pals what’s really going on, and listen when they share the same. Solstices and equinoxes are great reasons/reminders to set your schedule aside and make your girls your priority for one night.

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