The Gliders Workout: Slide Into Strength With This 5-Move Routine

“Here’s what many people don’t realize: Anytime a muscle is engaged, you’re building strength. When you lift a weight, what builds strength is not just having a weight in your hand. It’s that you’re squeezing the muscle. The longer you hold that squeeze, the more strength you pit into the muscle.” ~ Cameron Diaz, The Body Book

We love a good weight-lifting session, but there are other ways to engage your muscles and build strength. Enter the glider, an affordable fitness accessory we keep at home and are available at most gyms as well. Read on for a quick 5 move workout routine to sculpt and tone your arms, legs, and glutes. 

I have blogged about using gliders for a home workout before, but I’m back again with some new moves because they’re just too good! Here in the midwest the weather has been a little rough over the winter and to be honest there have been a couple days when you couldn’t pay me enough money to go outside and brave the elements just for the gym. I’ve always been a fan of home workouts, but this year I found a whole new level of appreciation! These gliders are my go-to for something quick and effective at home!

For this workout you just need a slick surface like tile or hardwoods and gliders. If you don’t have gliders you can use paper plates or even a small towel will work! You can decide if you want to do timed intervals or I like doing a set number of reps then as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes. So for example you could decide to do ten or twenty reps of each exercise and just set a timer for twenty minutes and do as many rounds as you can.

5 Body Sculpting moves
Exercise 1 // Side Lunge

Start in a squat position with weight back in your heels. Alternate between your right and left leg lunging out to the side. When you lunge make sure to keep your knee in line with your ankle and your booty back like you’re sitting on a chair.

glider-workout-body-book-cameron-diaz-ourbodybook glider-workout-body-book-cameron-diaz-ourbodybook
Exercise 2 // Plank Circles

Start in a plank position with elbows in line with wrists, while going down into a push-up on your left arm make a giant circle motion out with your right. Alternate which arm goes down and which arm circles out. You will feel the burn quick on these ones so if you need to modify go to your knees. Make sure to keep your elbow in close to your side when you go into the push-up position.

glider-workout-body-book-cameron-diaz-ourbodybook glider-workout-body-book-cameron-diaz-ourbodybook
Exercise 3 // Pike In & Out

Start in a pike position, as pictured. It’s similar to a downward facing dog but a much smaller angle. Your feet are closer to your hands than in down dog. Use the gliders to move your legs as far back as you can and then bring in towards your hands. You should really feel this in your lower abs! Make sure to keep your core engaged.

Exercise 4 // Walk-outs

Switch to your back in a bridge position. Knees should be in line with heels and booty lifted off the ground with hamstrings engaged. Gliders should be under your heels. One at a time with booty lifted alternate extending your legs straight then bringing back to the starting position.

EXERCISE 5 // Mountain Climber with Oblique Twist

Start in a plank position with elbows in line with wrists. Instead of a traditional mountain climber where you bring your knee into your chest take your knee to your opposite elbow and really get that oblique twist.


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