Reset & Rebalance With Nutrition Stripped + Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Reset With Nutrition Stripped

McKel Hill, Registered Dietitian, wellness nutritionist, and creator of Nutrition Stripped has been a contributor for since we launched. Her recipes, advice, and fresh perspective on nutrition has added so much value to our community — clearly, we love her! To kick off 2015, McKel has created an incredible 7-day Whole Foods Reset & Rebalance, which is a whole foods and healthy way to “detox.” (Her approach involves real food – not just juice – yay!) It’s a gluten free/vegan friendly meal plan with exclusive juicing recipes, grocery shopping list, lifestyle tips, and other ways to enhance your reset.

Reset and RebalanceLearn more about McKel’s program here:

While you’re here, check out one of her amazing recipes and videos for Zucchini Pasta with Roasted Pumpkin Sauce: