Superfood Breakfast: Cashew Kiwi Bliss Smoothie Bowl

My latest obsession: Instagram. I’ve been using this popular app for years to share pictures of my kids, funny/unique/interesting things I find, and yes, to photograph my food. It’s only recently, however, that I’ve found a flourishing and inspiring community of foodies uploading their original creations, twists on old recipes and sharing their words of love and light.

One such account is Breakfast Criminals (run by Ksenia Avdulova) featuring superfood breakfast recipes like the Purple Love Superfood Smoothie Bowl we featured earlier this year. Making superfood breakfasts isn’t all Ksenia does. She also co-founded #FairTuesday, an ethical shopping initiative created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #FairTuesday features fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly brands and invites other businesses to take a step towards sustainability. How cool is that?

Now for the good stuff… A delicious superfood breakfast is like a hug on the inside.


Cashew Kiwi Bliss Smoothie Bowl #TheBodyBook

Let’s get it straight: a lot of us have a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast. Growing up on cereal, sweetened oatmeals, or in my case, Russian farmer’s cheese with jam, our bodies are conditioned to getting a dose of sugar as we wake up. Is it bad? Well, experts say that if you’re going to eat something sweet, morning is the best time of the day to do it. The key is to balance the sugar (and I mean sugar from the fruit or something natural, like honey or brown rice syrup, never processed one) in your breakfast with antioxidants and healthy protein to sustain you for a good portion of the day.

I have a secret that I’d like to share with you: I add dark leafy greens to my morning fruit smoothie bowls. Done right, you still get a great taste, plus all the benefits of alkalizing veggies. Enjoy this green smoothie bowl recipe with kiwis, magical maca and raw protein. Don’t forget to add a crunch – you will remember me when you get your first pack of coconut chips and get hooked 😉

Ingredients to Blend:

  • ¼ cup raw cashews, soaked overnight and rinsed
  • 2/3 cup kale, fresh or frozen
  • 1 banana
  • 2 kiwis
  • 1 tablespoon chlorophyll
  • 1 teaspoon maca
  • 1 cup coconut or almond milk (I use Califia Farms – the best almond milk you can by off the shelf in USA)
  • Optional: 1 scoop raw vegan protein (I use Garden Of Life)

Top With:

  • Kiwi
  • Goji Berries
  • Mint
  • Coconut chips (I use Dang, they’re vegan, non-gmo and add a satisfying crunch)
Cashew Kiwi Bliss Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl supports digestion (healthy enzymes in soaked nuts and kale), healthy heart and bones (calcium in kale), serves as a detoxifyer (fiber and sulfur in kale), and fills your body with essential vitamins (A, C, E, K), and boosts your energy and metabolism (goji berries).

Bon appétit!

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