Shrimp Spring Rolls

Looking to spice up your dinner or cocktail hour game? Spring rolls are not only easy to make ahead of time, they could also be an interactive activity for you and your guests. Recipe below…

The Body Book - Cameron Diaz Shrimp Spring Roll - The Body Book - Cameron Didaz

We love all things simple and healthy and this recipe is just that! We have found that one of the greatest obstacles to clean eating is time. We all live busy, fast paced lives so we love dinner options that are tasty and easy to make!

These spring rolls are super simple and you most likely already have some of the ingredients lying around. You can get creative and add in whatever you like! We used shrimp, but you could do a veggie version for the vegans in your life or add meat for the carnivores.

Whatever ingredients you decide on, we can be sure you’ll be asking for seconds!



Spring rolls skin (found in the grocery store by the Asian food)
Shrimp or whatever protein you decide to use, can be made with only veggie
Veggies: cucumbers, avocado, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, snap peas, lettuce, bean sprouts
Soy sauce
Green onions
Rice vinegar
Toasted sesame seeds


First chop all your veggies and ingredients that will stuff your rolls. If you’re serving these for guests we love the idea of having all the fillers in cute bowls separated, if it’s just for you or a friend no need to get fancy! You’ll want pretty small pieces because the rolls fill up quick.

Next, make the sauce. We don’t have exact measurements for this as it depends on how much sauce you like or how many rolls you’re making. We used soy sauce with a couple drops of rice vinegar to taste, chopped green onions and some toasted sesame seeds. If you like spice add in some Sriracha or chili paste!

Boil some water on the stove and pour into a pie tin or large flat bowl. You will carefully dip your spring roll skin in the hot water to make the skin pliable, as pictured. After you soak the skin lay on a plate and fill your roll!

That’s it! Dip your roll into the sauce and enjoy!

We paired these rolls with our favorite Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Bon Appetit!

The Body Book -CAmeron Diaz

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The Body Book - Cameron Diaz