Quick n’ Easy ‘Beauty Breakfast’ Ideas to Kick off Your Mornings

Hello, busy ladies! The holidays are upon us so I thought I would share two sweet n’ savory breakfast recipes to stay healthy and satiated during the holidays. I refer to these deliciously quick options as my go-to Beauty Breakfast staples because they contain super foods and beauty ingestibles to satisfy, maintain healthy nutrition, enhance skin suppleness, and combat free radicals.


I worked with nutritionist, Kara Swanson, to get ideas on how to eat healthy and less carb-y, especially at breakfast. These two personal n’ pretty favorites take just minutes to prepare. Best of all, they serve as tasty quick meals any time of the day. I feel great eating these clean options because they keep me focused and help maintain my weight without dieting.

The first is a nutty cinnamon banana smoothie—complete with adaptogenic beauty dusts— full of beauty-enriched goodness to keep your hair and skin looking healthy and radiant all winter long. The second is a Breakfast Salad that’s as savory as it is sweet because it contains my latest obsession—black garlic—which to me, taste like sweet Cuban plantains.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

There are several beauty ingestible and adaptogenic powders on the market, but one of my personal favorites is Moon Juice. Here’s a detailed list of what  beauty dusts and adaptogens I used to create this healthy (totally not-chalky) yummy breakfast treat! BTW—this is a true winner if you usually “eat” your breakfast on the road.



Almond, Pea, or Cashew Milk (8 oz)
Almond Butter (tablespoon)
1 Banana
Manuka Honey
Beauty Food Pearl (heaping spoonful)
Deep Chocolate Adaptogenic Protein (one pre-measured scoop)
Beauty Dust (heaping spoonful)



In a blender, place your liquid of choice. I like using almond, cashew or pea milk (my favorite is Ripple!), in place of water because it removes any chalky-ness you might experience when using dust powders. Next, add-in your adaptogenic protein for stamina and drive. Starting my day with this vegan superhero powder helps keep me energized and stabilizes my blood sugar so I’m not hungry until lunchtime. Follow with a sprinkle of Ashwagandha, a root and leaf extract, to combat stress, irritability, and curb cravings.

Now its time for my favorite part…the beauty dusts! I love adding the edible radiance of Beauty Dust, an adaptogenic blend of super herbs and pearlescence powder to combat stress and the dryness of winter—and feed back vitality and beauty to my skin, hair and nails. If anyone else is dealing with well water then I highly suggest you give this a try (more on that in an upcoming post!). Next, add-in a scoop of Beauty Food in Pearl to help promote anti-aging. Designed as a beauty ally, Pearl delivers antioxidant properties to stimulate natural collagen and keep you feeling more youthful from the inside-out.

Blend in the banana, honey and almond and serve with a healthy dusting of cinnamon on top to add in a little holiday flavor and further stabilize blood sugar. If enjoying at home, dress up your glass with a little extra honey, cinnamon and bananas for an added pretty treat!

And now, if you’re looking for something a bit more savory, keep scrolling….




Black Garlic (Raw or Sautéed)
Red Onion
One Egg
Sea Salt


On a bed of spinach, place an over-easy egg that you’ve sautéed in grass-fed butter. You can either opt to sauté the onions and garlic with the egg or serve them cut up and raw. Lightly season with sea salt, oregano, and additional herbs if desired. Until I worked with A Life Well Lived, I had never thought of topping a salad with a soft egg but the added protein and the lack of needing dressing is a welcomed, savory surprise.


Don’t these look delicious and satisfying? What is your morning beauty breakfast routine? We’d love to learn more! Be sure to catch more fun ideas and thoughtful daily affirmations on our Instagram @The Body Book. Until then, peace, love and healthy (lazy) mornings!

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Images by Babes and The Bungalow