Nourishing Pink Latte with Bone Broth and Hibiscus Tea


Whether the weather is starting to cool where you live or not, transitioning into this new season is a great time to begin the process of pulling your energy inward for self-reflection and healing. We are cyclical creatures – just like the moon and the seasons!

morning ritual

Moving into autumn is a great time to start slowing and using the mind and emotions more while simultaneously relaxing the body and preparing for the end of the year.

I’ve been switching up my morning rituals in an attempt to reduce my coffee consumption and heal the excess stress I put in and on my body over a busy summer. One of my most game changing AM swaps was substituting my morning coffee with a nourishing bone broth latte that my friends at Gold Bone shared with me.

There were a little too many summer indulgences for me this year, and fall is the perfect time to begin falling into new rituals that nourish the mind, body and spirit; maybe even undoing some of the excess from summer!

This decadent, healthy – pink! – latte makes my morning feel more special than my regular “coffee mornings” do, and I’ve started to look forward to putting all the easy ingredients together right when that alarm goes off in the morning.

Benefits of bone broth

Bone broth helps heal the gut; it aids digestion and comes with a slew of health benefits that affect the entire body, like initiating the detoxification process and boosting the immune system. Hibiscus petals are my go-to for a whop of antioxidants – and with regular consumption in tea (or healthy lattes like this one!), they can help prevent cancer. Pairing these two powerhouses together creates a potent elixir that helps support and nourish the entire body.



1 1/2 cups bone broth (I used Goldbone Bison broth)
1 tsp hibiscus petals, or substitute with hibiscus tea
2 tsp coconut oil, hard
1 tsp honey


  1. Boil the bone broth to a rolling boil.

Pour the bone broth into a blender, and steep the flower petals for three minutes before adding other ingredients. It will turn the broth a dark red color.

Add the coconut oil and honey, and turn on the blender to combine all the ingredients. The coconut oil will froth up your latte, turning it a light pink color with actual froth!

Pour into a mug and sip!

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