Mermaid Milk with Nut & Seed Stovetop Granola

Mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows have been a mainstay of the blogosphere, but lately they’ve reached beyond clothing and crafts. 2017 has seen mystical creations popping up in smoothies, parfaits, and even toast, which has now made its way to television. Check out Adeline Waugh sharing her ‘Unicorn Toast’ creation on Dr. Oz. Adeline has now brought that magic into your cereal bowl with two versions of her enchanting mermaid milk. The best part? She uses all-natural ingredients like chlorophyl, beets, and spirulina to make those gorgeous colors. Read on for the recipe. 

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This hazelnut milk recipe is my go-to. I make a fresh batch at the beginning of every week, and I always enjoy it in my coffee. Lately, I’ve been enjoying it with some granola and a touch of chlorophyl or beet juice to create a dreamy experience and a bowl of milk that looks like something a mermaid (or any mystical creature for that matter) would choose to swim in.


What you will need:
• a high speed blender
• a nut milk bag or cheesecloth

• 1 cup of raw hazelnuts
• 4 cups of filtered water
• 3-6 medjool dates (pits removed)
• 1 pinch of sea salt
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tsp cinnamon


Pour your hazelnuts into a bowl/jar/whatever receptacle you’d like, cover the nuts with water and let them soak for 12 hours or overnight. Pour out the water the hazelnuts soaked in and rinse the nuts off. Add the hazelnuts to your blender and fill with 4 cups of filtered water (you can use 3 or 3 1/2 cups water if you want the milk to be super creamy and more similar to coffee creamer than to milk). Blend for about a minute and pour into your nut milk bag or through your cheesecloth over a large bowl. Squeeze out every last drop of hazelnut milk from the bag and then store in a jar for up to 4 days in the fridge.

Pastel Green Mermaid Milk //

For this dreamy shade of sea green, add 1-5 drops of liquid chlorophyll. This can be
found at your local whole foods/ health food store. I’m sure they can be ordered online as well.

Pink Mermaid Milk //

For pink milk, simply add about 1/2 tsp of beet juice to your milk, this minimal amount won’t effect flavor, but it will add a lot of pigment.




This recipe is super simple and can be modified in numerous ways. You can’t really mess it up- it’s just nuts, seeds, maple syrup, coconut oil and whatever other seasoning/add-ins you’d like. This granola isn’t sticky or chunky like traditional granola, but it tastes amazing and its perfect with milk or as a topping to any breakfast bowl.

• 1 cups of slivered almonds
• 1/2 cups chopped walnuts (chopping is optional, I like a few whole walnuts plus chopped pieces)
• 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds (any seeds you’d like)
• 2 tbsp maple syrup
• 1 tsp cinnamon
• 2 tbsp coconut oil
• 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
• pinch of sea salt
• 1 tbsp flaxseed meal (optional)


Warm up coconut oil in a large pan on the stove. Add in the nuts/seeds and toast for about 5 minutes on medium heat. Next, add coconut flakes, flaxseed, maple syrup, and sea salt and mix everything together thoroughly. Let everything toast together for about 5 more minutes. Take off heat, let cool, and enjoy!

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Adeline Waugh is the creator of Vibrant&Pure Wellness, a website and Instagram account which strives to exemplify the notion that healthy food never has to be boring. She is currently studying to become a certified holistic nutrition practitioner and loving the wealth of knowledge she gets to learn every day. Vibrant&Pure’s motto is, ‘Vibrantly beautiful meals with ingredients nothing less than pure’. Her goal is to show people that cutting out things that seem impossible to live without (i.e. wheat, dairy, and refined sugar) doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Connect with her on Vibrant&Pure, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.