Maca Love Cup Latte with Whipped Coconut Cream

Valentine’s Day is traditionally all about showering that special some one with adoration, but when it really comes down to it, YOU are the most worthy of your own love. When you nurture the relationship you have with yourself, your love cup is full and will spill out into all other areas of your life – EVERYONE wins.

Maca Love Cup Latte with Whipped Coconut Cream and Rawmio Hearts

Speaking of love cup, we have just the recipe to fill it up (and spill it over) – in a very literal way. This Maca Love Cup Latte is creamy, delicious, and energizing without an overload of caffeine. The flavor is malty with subtle hints of cacao and vanilla. It is also filled with heart-loving superfoods that will nourish you from head to too, and MAY even put you in the mood to give that special someone some extra cuddles this Valentine’s Day.

So…what’s in it?

Maca: This Peruvian root vegetable works wonders for boosting energy and vitality, is rich with B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium, and helps to balance the mood. It is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it supports and strengthens all systems in the body, in part due to it’s hormone balancing effects. Speaking of hormones – maca also happens to be a powerful aphrodisiac – lovers take note!

Coconut Butter: Coconut offers the body an incredible source of heart-healthy fats. Coconut oil is a wonderful source of medium-chain triglycerides which are easily burned as energy instead of stored, are easy on our digestion, and even help boost the metabolism. Coconut oil also contains a special fat called lauric acid which has powerful anti-viral properties, giving a boost to our immune system.

Almond Milk: By making fresh, raw almond milk you gain to benefit from more of the  nutrition found within the almonds themselves, and will avoid the common additives like sugars and thickening agents found in store bought boxed milks. Almonds contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids which have been found to help lower bad cholesterol levels. They are also a rich source of Vitamin E – an anti-aging antioxidant that also beautifies the skin.

Raw Cacao: No Valentines Day would be complete without chocolate, especially chocolate hearts, and there’s a reason for this. Chocolate, specifically raw chocolate made with unprocessed raw cacao, contains unique compounds that can actually simulate feelings of love. Compounds anandamide and phenethylamine found within cacao stimulate feelings of pleasure, contentment, connection and love by triggering the release of opium-like compounds known as endorphins. Cacao is also rich with magnesium, a critical mineral for our muscles, including our hearts.

Maca Love Cup Latte with Whipped Coconut Cream and Rawmio Hearts


Makes 2 mugs


2 tsp Maca Matrix – or your favorite maca powder
24 oz
unsweetened almond milk – preferably raw and homemade *see below
tsp vanilla extract
tbs Dastony whole coconut butter, gently melted
tbs raw cacao powder
tbs honey (preferably organic and raw)
pinch Himalayan pink salt

Optional – pinch of cayenne for a touch of heat!


Blend ingredients until smooth and heat on a stovetop until you reach your desired level of warmth. Stir while heating.

Optional: top with a generous amount of coconut whipped cream! Make this by placing a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight. When you’re ready to make your whipped cream skim off the solid part, and whip it with an electric beater until it reaches that perfect whipped texture.

*To make a basic, fresh almond milk simply soak 1 cup of almonds overnight. Rinse well in the morning and blend with 3-4 cups of pure water until thoroughly blended. Strain through a nut milk bag, and store in a glass, airtight jar in the fridge.


Thank you to Windy City Organics for sharing this decadent recipe with us! You can find the ingredients and the Rawmio chocolates (below) over on their website. They are having a site wide 25% sale of Rawmio chocolates through Feb 14.