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The City of Angels proved to be the City of Foodies at the annual LIVE + DINE LA event where 40+ of the most prominent award-winning chefs convened to share samplings of their culinary creations. A collage of restaurateurs and drink specialists gathered at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica along with 1,700 attendees. The goal was to also raise awareness and benefit the Los Angeles Mission. The LA Mission aims to eliminate homelessness by providing help, hope and opportunity for men, women and children in need of food, shelter, clothing and aid in other resources.

It was a meaningful and delightful Sunday afternoon recognizing a good cause with tasty treats and learning about fermentation! Fermentation, now that sounds freaky but it’s not! My favorite booth had a fermentation pairing of the “Four Thieves” Rainbow Vegan Wraps from Brassica & Brine with Kevita’s Lavender Melon Master Brew Kombucha (recipe below!). Delish!! A colorful medley of nutrition packed with probiotic power!

Fermentation lowdown: the process of converting a carbohydrate into an organic acid or alcohol using live bacteria, which produces good bacteria, probiotics!

The word Probiotic originates from the Greek Word: pro meaning “for, promoting” and biotic, meaning “fit for life.” Probiotics are the bacteria army that help fight the “bad” microorganisms in our digestive system for a long list of possible benefits promoting a healthy life such as; efficient digestion and elimination, enhance immune function by preventing allergies and colds, reduce risk for certain cancers, stabilize blood sugar levels, decrease cholesterol, protect against tooth decay and gingivitis, and for ladies help balance the vaginal environment. In general probiotics keep our bodies ecosystem in balance for both men and women.

Keep reading for two delicious from Uri Laio, of Brassica & Brine who partnered with KeVita to give us this step-by-step tutorial and delicious collard green wrap mentioned above. 

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• cutting board
• knife
• large bowl 32 oz. jar with lid
• airlock jar (or home vegetable fermentation kit like Lactofermentation Kit, Pickl-It, Easy Fermenter)


• 1 medium/large cabbage (preferably organic and locally grown)
• 1 tspn of each spice of your choice: caraway, mustard seed, dill, garlic, bay leaves, juniper berries


1// Set aside one full leaf of cabbage, then chop the cabbage in half from top to bottom and cut out the core and discard the core.

2 // Shred the cabbage by cutting into thin ribbons or running through a shredding blade on a food processor.

3 // Add salt (and optional spices) to the shredded cabbage and knead the salt and shredded cabbage for 1-2 minutes.

4 // Let the cabbage sit and “sweat” for about 15-30 minutes (or longer) at room temperature. The salt will draw out a lot of brine and the mix will become noticeably wet.

5 // Pack the cabbage mixture into your jar. As you fill in every couple inches, give it a forceful push down with your fist or other tool. Stuff the cabbage with its brine into the jar as tightly as you can, pushing out any air pockets and filling to within an inch of the lid. Place the reserved full leaf of cabbage on top, crumpled up, and then screw the lid on loosely so that pressure can escape during fermentation.

6 // Place your jar on a plate to catch brine which will likely overflow out of the jar as fermentation progresses. Place in a cool place (ideally around  65 – 75 degrees) out of direct sunlight.

7 // Keeping the 5- theme alive, we will let sit for 5 days to three weeks and move the whole jar to the refrigerator when you decide it’s done. During the first few days, it will bubble and become fragrant, the colors will dull, and the flavor will develop an acidic edge.

This sauerkraut should be fine for at least six months to a year, if not longer. Trust your nose and taste buds.

the body book - cameron diaz


+ KeVita Lavender Melon Master Brew Kombucha



1 collard leaf
1/4 cup Brassica and Brine Four Thieves Sauerkraut
1/4 cup julienned carrots
1/4 cup julienned cucumber
1/4 cup shredded red cabbage
1/4 cup julienned red bell pepper


3 Tbs creamy peanut butter
2 Tbs apple cider vinegar
3 Tbs unpasteurized shoyu
1 Tbs virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tsp Sriracha sauce
1 Tbs water

Beverage Pairing: KeVita Master Brew Kombucha – Lavender Melon (www.kevita.com $3.49)


Lay out collard leaf and distribute the veggies in the middle of the leaf lengthwise. Tuck up the ends and then wrap the sides like a burrito. Combine sauce ingredients and whisk until well-combined. Use the sauce as a dipping sauce, or slice the wrap like a sushi roll and drizzle sauce over each slice.

For more info on KeVita visit www.kevita.com.

Follow your gut and happy fermenting! ~ Amanda

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