Cuban Vegan Asparagus Chicken with Black Beans & Rice

By Maritza Buelvas

Being of Cuban descent, our dinner table centered around the fundamental Caribbean staples while growing up—meat, rice and beans and of course…plantains. Nowadays, my long-standing vegan cousin, Leandro Hernandez, has shown the family that you can still enjoy that “Cuban taste” in a healthy, all-vegetarian way!

His mother, Maria, has since been designing delicious healthy meals often rooted in traditional Cuban seasonings and flavoring. One of her specialties is her famous Cuban Vegan Asparagus Chicken with Black Beans and Rice. Our family truly loves it and we’re sure yours will, too! Try it out and give us your thoughts. Enjoy!


Cuban Vegan Asparagus Chicken with Black Beans & Rice

Recipe by Maria “Daisy” Gold

Prep time: 10 min
Total time: 30 min
Serves 4


1 bag of vegan chicken (quantity of 4)—Try Gardein’s gluten free Chick’n Scallopini
2 large ripe-blackened plantains
3 cups of long-grain white rice
1 bag of black beans
1 yellow pepper
1 bag of spinach
1 lemon
Grape tomatoes
1 sweet onion
Crushed red pepper
Turmeric powder
Salt and pepper
Corn oil
Olive oil


Cook rice according to package directions (I cook 2 cups of rice to 3 ¼ cups of water). Let it simmer in very low heat and covered while preparing rest of food.

Slice plantains and fry in hot corn oil until lightly brown.

Dice sweet onion and preheat with a generous amount of olive oil for 5 minutes on medium-high. Add 4 pieces of vegan chicken. Sprinkle turmeric powder and crushed red pepper to taste. Fry for 5 more minutes, flipping chicken every couple of minutes or so. Add asparagus, and sprinkle some salt and pepper towards later half. Continue flipping until chicken turns golden. Finally, add raisins and turn heat down. Let simmer for 5 more minutes.

Wash spinach, mushroom, and tomatoes and serve in a salad a plate with your favorite dressing.
Add a scoop of rice and drizzle with black beans. Add asparagus and vegan chicken with a squeeze of lemon juice. Finally, dress up your plate with sweet plantains.

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