Brunch With Wexler’s | Bagels, Lox, Overnight Oats, and Homemade Granola

You’re hosting Sunday brunch. What should you serve? Bagels and lox, of course! 


On a recent trip to Palm Springs for Modernism Week, I attended a brunch hosted by Dawn McCoy featuring food from Wexler’s, a traditional Jewish deli with locations in the desert and around Los Angeles. It may be the middle of winter, but this affair called for poolside dining, since we were staying in Villa Carmelita, also know as the “Sonny and Cher House.” We dressed up in our retro best and readied ourselves for a delectable feast.

the menu

Dawn kept it simple, choosing a mix of sweet and savory recipes.

• Bagels and lox
• Overnights oats with granola
• Fruit Salad
• Mimosas (champagne and juice)

Selecting recipes that you can make ahead of time always makes for a happier host. Guests come to see you so try not to spend your entire event in the kitchen (if you can help it). Here, the overnight oats and granola were made the day before, while the vegetables and fruit were prepped the morning of.

bagels and lox

When it comes to brunch for a group, nothing is easier than serving bagels and lox with all the trimmings; making sure you have quality ingredients, however, isn’t always easy. Once you’ve tried fresh baked bagels and smoked salmon, like these from Wexler’s, your standard grocery store fare just won’t cut it. For the bagel platter you’ll need the following ingredients:

• bagels
• lox (smoked salmon)
• cream cheese
• onion
• cucumber
• tomato
• capers
• lemon

overnights_oats_bodybook_ourbodybook_camerondiaz overnights_oats_bodybook_ourbodybook_camerondiaz
oats and granola

Next, Dawn set up an overnight oats bar with blueberries, coconut, and homemade granola. I loved having something sweet to balance out the rest of the meal and serving oats is a great option for those who don’t eat fish or dairy. Serving them in martini glasses also added to the ambiance; small details like this makes your guests feel special.

I was so thrilled with the meal, I asked Wexler’s if they’d share their recipe and they said yes! The recipe is below and if you’re in Palm Springs, stop by the Wexler’s inside the ARRIVE Hotel to try it in person.


Overnight Oats With Big Head Granola

Overnight Oats:

1 cup. Rolled Oats
1 tbsp. Chia Seeds
1.5 tbsp. Buckwheat honey
1/4 ea. Vanilla Bean
1.5 cup. Almond Milk

In a sealable cup of your choice (preferably something that can hold 16oz) add all of the above ingredients and mix. Once mixed, seal your cup and place in your refrigerator overnight.

Big Head Granola:

3 cups. Rolled Oats
1 cup. Pecans, pieces
1 cup. Pepitas
1 cup. Coconut, shreds, unsweetened
2 tbsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Kosher salt
1 ea. Egg white
1/4 cup. Canola Oil
1.5 cup. Buckwheat honey

In a large bowl combine the oats, pecans, pepitas, coconut, cinnamon, and salt and mix.
In a separate bowl, combine the egg white, canola oil and honey whisk until all is incorporated. Once completely mixed, add to your bowl of dry ingredients and mix until all is dressed in honey mixture.

Place on a large tray with a silt pat and lay your granola flat on the tray.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Throw your granola in the oven until golden brown Rotating and tossing your granola every six minutes to make sure every oat and nut gets baked.

Then cool and store in a sealed container immediately to keep granola crunchy.


For a breakfast bar, as seen here, find some dishes or glasses and fill them with the oats, granola, and other optional toppings like blueberries and coconut.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!


Host: Dawn McCoy @IAmDawnMcCoy
Photography: Elizabeth Baker @ElizabethOBaker
Food provided by: Wexler’s Deli at the ARRIVE Palm Springs
Drinks: Le Grand Courtage
Location: Villa Carmelita, Acme House Company